how long to let paint 'cure'

eriepatchApril 11, 2012

We just painted our kitchen cabinets with Benjamin Moore Satin Impervo and I'm wondering how long we should let it dry before putting things back in the cabinets.


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Did'ja paint the inside shelves?!
How dark is the color?

If you just painted the outer side of the "Boxes", I'd wait a couple days or so b4 handling the door-frames too much.

If possible, leave doors open until everything is in!
The less handling/closing-force....the better!!!
Keep doors/drawers propped open slightly for a week or so too.

In the first MONTH....IMO...paint is still slightly "vulnerable". There's no magic time for "fully cured" status. There's SO MANY variables....

After a month though, most paints have hardened-off considerably.


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Painted inside and out. Took doors off and shelves
were removable so took them out to paint.
Painted very dark oak a creamy white (Mayonnaise)

Thanks Faron. I don't want anything put back for
at least a week, DH said 3 or 4 days. I'll make
him hold out as long as possible now!

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If any shelf TOPS were painted, DON'T put anything on them for at least 2 WEEKS IMO.

Example: If I was painting a bookshelf, I wouldn't books on those shelves for a MONTH.
Again....there's many variables, but if your shelf-tops are painted, it's gonna TAKE A WHILE b4 ridges from plates, etc., won't get impressed into the slooooooowwwlly hardening paint-film.

Feeling "dried-out" and CURED are 2 different things!!


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Thanks again! I totally agree and will insist on leaving
things out! Gotta look at the big picture here!

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You won't have a large pile of dishes in the way LOL!!

Paper-plates CAN be a good thing in a "transition" time like this!! least you won't have to re-stack dishes on the counter for some time!??!

Good luck!


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