Proud of my hubby for finally dealing with it all!

pinkpeoniesJuly 1, 2008

My husband finally told his parents that he was really disappointed with them and how they acted at the christening.

They had been pushing for us to go out of town with them and we have a lot of work related stuff going on. They had sent an email last night that was kind of harsh on their end and did cross some boundaries.

He told them that again, we could not go out of town with them for July 4th and that he was disappointed with how they acted. That if they want to see us they have to understand that after repeat times of drama that it's hard for us to not have reservations for seeing them. It's draining on us and we have someone new to take care of.

I hope it is a step in the right direction.

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That's great that he took matters into his own hands and spoke to them about it. You must feel relieved. Maybe he'll be able to continue to be direct with them and not leave it up to you. Congratulations!

It's a move forward. Surely in the right direction.

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Good for him, you've got a keeper there. Now you two have to act like his parents "get it", though they probably don't and never will. You need to have control over your life, especially with a child. Otherwise, trying to keep all the in-laws and out-laws happy will drive you nuts. Your MIL may escalate her attacks, but if you are firm and treat her with courtesy and respect, and don't get sucked into her craziness, things will certainly go better for you.

Good luck.

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Glad he stepped up and did the right thing.

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