BM Impervex 309 or Impervo 314 for Cabinets??

scoutyyyApril 13, 2011

I am painting my kitchen cabs and am thoroughly confused.

Paint store says to use the 309 but all gardenwebbers suggest 314 - which is correct?

Some cabs are new, unfinished wood while others are old cherry. I have Zinsser Bulls eye 123 for the primer - which I assume is ok - altho I can return if y'all think it is not.

I am going with "Marscapone" for the color, and was thinking it should be semi-gloss but paint store recommends High Gloss (I don't really care for all that shine)and the 309 - which no one here seems to use.

Please advise!

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These are two entirely different sheens. Decide what sheen you want first and that will narrow your choices. I would avoid 309 high gloss and use the 314 satin.

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Thanks paintguy1. I wanted either semi gloss or satin - thinking semi gloss might be better for fingerprints?

RE: the 314 - someone posted on here how hard that was to work with and that it needed a thinner - do you find that to be true?

There are so many BM paints - not sure which to choose - is there something else I should go with? Unfortunately -this paint store does not carry Cabinet Coat. I'm doing the painting myself (think I found your link for info -thanks!)is most of the BM self-leveling? thanks!

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Ok - called different paint store and they recommended the
Aura......any opinions?

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Okay, I'm sure this answer is much too late, but perhaps it could help future readers...

314 is a waterborne version of an extremely high proforming alkyd... the problem is that in order to behave like an oil it is thinned way down resulting in drips and runs... to be perfectly honest I would steer way clear of this product.

309 is also a waterborne, however it is all together a different beast, its ease of applications depends greatly on the color (my experience says lighter colors are much easier to apply). also note the high sheen means any and all imperfections (dents, dings, etc.) in your cabinets will show.

about the Aura that scoutyyy asked for, really i would say it depends on your location... Aura is a great all around product it levels nice, sets up fairly durable, and covers like a dream. but keep in mind this paint is designed in high humidity areas, so if you are in a fairly dry climate, it can be difficult and downright frustrating to use.

I think this is a good time to mention the difference between dry time and cure time... all of these products are water based which means they will dry in about an hour or two... but cure time is way longer on a latex (usually at least two weeks)... cure time is the amount of time it takes to completely harden. Ever painted a shelf and set something on top of it an hour or two later, only to discover a week later that object is glued down?? this is becuase the surface is not cured. When painting cabinets this can be frustrating because after dry the doors are closed... then when you open them the paint begins to peel...

so here is my suggestion... for furniture and cabinets you want a paint that sets up hard and cures fast... you can drastically reduce cure time by using an Alkyd product like Satin Impervo, which takes about a week and flows out beautifully... biggest draw back however is that it is oil, and kind of a pain to clean up... Benjamin Moore however has a new product which uses the same colorant system as the Aura... called ADVANCE... this product is super easy to use, flows like an Alkyd, giving super smooth appearance... and best of all cures in 3 days... the only thing to keep in mind is 2 thin coats will give you WAY better results than 1 thick coat.

Hope this helps someone out there

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