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IRuehlApril 14, 2012

I am going to be painting a table blue. I have photos on my blog of the table, and the room it will be in, Also have a few pictures of painted tables I really like on the bottom of the post.

Please, suggest colors you think would work with the room? Or even be close to some of my inspiration photos.

Anyone recommend a good type of paint that will hold up to my kids, toddlers? Should I use a polyurethane?

Thank you all!


Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures

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Have you considered using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint? I'm just getting started using it myself. I really do like the colors, and I'm a "blue" person myself. (There is Napoleonic Blue, Greek Blue, Louis Blue, and a blue green.)

I have been told it will be very durable on table tops (but I don't have experience with that yet myself), that once it is waxed (and the wax allowed to harden 30 days), it is a very durable surface that can be wiped.

It is certainly easy to use, with little to no prep over previously stained/varnished surfaces! And I like the finish a lot. It is rather like a milk paint finish--very flat before waxing, but with a depth of color.

Don't be scared by the price. At $38/quart, it is certainly pricey--but as many users note (and I have found), a quart goes a long way! You might even be able to get by with one coat plus a few touchups (I usually do two).

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I haven't used chalk paint, but I generally see it mentioned on blogs with shabby chic furniture. To me, the OP's inspiration pics look glossy, clean, in-good-condition.

Do you have a sheen preference? I used Ace Cabinet and Trim on my kitchen cabinets and love it, but it's limited to semi-gloss (and darker colors take longer to dry).

Benjamin Moore Satin Impervo (latex or oil) is also oft-recommended here, and someone (I can't recall who) had good experience with Aura on cabinets (and cabinets take similar abuse as furniture does).

I prefer the 'farmhouse' look of a painted base and poly'd wood top, but if you plan to paint the top, but best thing to remember is to wait a couple weeks (a month would be better) for the paint to cure before using it so you don't scratch the paint or risk objects sticking to it.

Polyurethane shouldn't be necessary over a quality paint, but if you choose to add that step for extra protection, be sure to give the paint long enough to finish curing (ie: a month or so) before coating with poly.

The key thing for painting furniture, IMO, is the paint's durability and leveling ability. My preference would probably be an alkyd/latex hybrid (ie: Ace Cabinet & Trim or BM Advance), an old-fashioned alkyd, or a new formulation latex (ie: a so called paint + primer, because that tends to mean higher quality paint these days after the Depot's successful ad campaign changed how companies describe their paint....but depending on the current finish of your table and how drastic the color change, you may still want to use a primer).

For large areas like the top you'll probably want to roll the paint on and back brush it for a smooth finish, but don't over work the paint, and don't skimp on your brushes.

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Lots of people do use the chalk paint for distressed finishes (it distresses better than latex, which can be kind of gummy when it is sanded). But the pieces I've done aren't at all distressed. The finish is smooth (it does level very well), and the wax gives a soft sheen.

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Thanks! My husband said no way is he paying 0ver 15$ for a quart of paint, and even then 'I am pushing it'

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