Need help with exterior paint AGAIN many photos

msjay2uApril 4, 2013

Some time ago I asked for some help with colors to paint my house. I was given a few choices to work with...
My house beforeâ¦

The choices

i wound up going with green

I had to take out a window and change some trim so I decided to repaint the house...problem is that I can't make up my mind. I am also thinking of putting some victorian rail trim on the eaves.

The color pallet I was thinking about:
I like this pallet using Salon Rose for the body for the door and Cream in my coffee (not shown) for the trim

I like the rose and brown combo on this one with the same green door and cream trim

I love this also

Next I was wondering what kind of screen door should I go with (white metal two window storm door, full glass storm door or wood screen door painted in the trim color. And lastly if I do the house in rose should I leave the deck like this? Excuse the has been cleaned up but I don't have the photo of it

Thanks for your help!!

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Lori A. Sawaya

This one is super cute/pretty.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

I agree with fun
I do NOT agree with this
. I am also thinking of putting some victorian rail trim on the eaves.

It is hardly a Victorian home.

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Not so sure about what you want to do...I don't care for the Victorian look on your house - and not the rose color.
I would change out the front door or paint it and put a glass storm door on. The bland white door takes away from what you are doing. You need to do something more with the trim work around the windows - door. In several of the examples it show 2 colors painted on the window and door trim - and maybe the small shutters on the two windows. Use the photos to give you ideas - there is a lot there...just dress up the window trim and do something with the door.

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I know my house is not victorian and maybe I called it the wrong thing. I was just talking about roof line trim.

The door is still white because I have not painted it yet and i know it needs attention BAD. I like the shutter and window box idea but I hesitate to put shutters or window boxes up because I have abestos siding and each time I try to do anything that involves a nail the shingles shatter. I know you are probably thinking I should replace them or cover them with another material, but budget wise that is out of the question. Removing them involves hazmat remediation, which is through the roof and covering them is probably going to be the way I will go eventually but right now paint is about as much as I can do. I will be painting it myself again..

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Sorry, I was confused - I thought you had already painted your house a darker green. The original picture you posted it looks like a light green and the new picture looks like a darker green. I was wondering why you wanted to paint rose over that. But I am sorry, I don't mean to hurt your feelings but I would not go with a rose color or anything close to it. IMO - it would not look right, you have a beautiful wooded lot and I think you need to go with a color that would incorporate your area/surroundings and style of your house. So I guess first is to paint the house...and then...
Once you paint the front door, use that same color to paint the outside of the window trim and then another color to paint the inside of the window trim (like the house funcolors posted that is super cute/pretty.) That's a great look and will only require paint. A full glass door will look great - there are some that are trimmed in color - take a look at the glass doors first before you choose a door color and maybe something will pop out there and help you decide on a door color. Will putting a glass door on require hazmat intervention? I just think it needs a door with glass on it (like the original one) to open it up. The roof trim can be the same as the door and window trim (we left our roof trim white). We just painted around our house (inside) and I waited for Benjamin Moore to have the paint I wanted on sale. It was last weekend $11. off a gallon. On sale it was cheaper than getting it at a home improvement store and imo is better paint. Window boxes - I'm not big on these - reason being - they are seasonal, if they don't have flowers and plants that are in bloom in them - they are drab and an eye sore unless somehow you are going to decorate them year round. Potted plants will work just as well - when your annuals are done blooming for the year, the pots can be stored away until the following spring. I love your stone work - on the house and sidewalk and steps!
Good luck and please be sure to post a picture when done!

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okay so there is still misunderstanding:
Sorry, I was confused - I thought you had already painted your house a darker green.
yes the house has been painted a darker green color but I did not paint the door yet.
Will putting a glass door on require hazmat intervention?
I was talking about putting holes in the siding from installing window boxes and shutters. I like the window boxes but I like how I have the front planted. You can't see it too well in the photo because everything has been cut down but on the left side of the chimey I have white and red rose bushes (as suggested by one of the renditions) and on the right I have lots of flowers that have not come up yet I have the pencil pines which are also cut down in the photo. on either side of the door so the window boxes won't work. I did not put the shutters up because of the issue with the siding. I do like the shutters though although they would have to be mighty small as the front left windows are only 18"x18"
I don't have a glass/storm door up because when I have the money I have no access to a truck and visa versa. Other times I am torn between a full glass door, which will be useless to me as far as opening the door and airing the house out, which I love to do, and a screen door which will serve my purpose for letting air flow through the house when the door is open. I know I can get one of those doors where the window/screen is interchangeable but that is too much of a hassle...
The rest of the advise is well noted. Thank you I will keep you guys posted. If I don't go with the mauve then definitely the red....but a wooded lot is green and browns and I thought mauve was a complimentary color to both brown and green. Let me go back to the color wheel and check that.

Bubble is surely busted BUT I asked for opinions and I appreciate the honesty.

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PS I did not think having a green house with a lot of trees looked all that good because it seems the house is kind of lost when all the trees are greened in so I was feeling (now that I lived with it) that green isn't the way to go nor do I think blues or yellows. If not mauve then I guess white which I think is really yuck for my house.

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I found this when googling what color to paint the exterior of a house surrounded by trees. Play with the internet - I bet you can come up with something you will love.

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I kind of like this pallett but maybe a little lighter on the trim

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Paint is obviously personal, but this looks like a child's playhouse to me? I think white could make it look clean and crisp and set it apart from all the green surroundings. Black trim around the windows would clean it up too or another darker colored pulled from the chimney stone colors. It is a charming house!

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Hi and thank you for responding. I started painting and was having trouble with the door color. I know I wanted a green but had trouble picking the right shade. I went with Valspars Garden of Paradise and I need something to pull it together. I thought a dark color would work so I got a blackish purple. It will replace the white trim.

I think the color looks brighter in the photo than it actually is.

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Lori A. Sawaya

I'm confused, msjay2u. Posting 'how to pick paint colors for your exterior' on the Home Dec board but asking for color advice here. So, are you giving color advice or looking for color advice?

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Are you really confused? LOL...The other posting was about what colors go together but that doesn't mean I know it all. Or are you thinking that a doctor can't see another doctor for a second opinion?.not that I think I am a doctor... Here I was asking for opinions about my color choices, about my screen door and my deck which no one even addressed. I had seen my color around on bigger houses and I think besides the part with the door and deck I was hoping for someone having my color or different colors to jump in. Instead...

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Lori A. Sawaya

No. Actually I'm not confused at all any more. Plenty of clarity at this point.

Good luck with your projects.

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