SAH Parents: what do you do?

MimiiJuly 20, 2005

I've recently been hired for a 6-week, full time nanny position. Although I've done a ton of babysitting, I rarely watch any given set of kids for more than 8-10hrs a week, and that's usually broken up over two days. I'm now going to be working with a 5mo old 7hrs/day, 5 days/week. What will I do all day, especially since he naps every few hours? I won't have any housework or laundry to do....what do you SAH parents do with your infants?

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Are you allowed to take him out of the house? I'd go for walks, join a playgroup, read books for him and some for yourself. See if there are any preschool groups in the area like library story time, the zoo, etc. Even at a young age, most babies like the outdoors. If you're that bored, see if the parents will let you run some errands like grocery shopping, laundry, simple meal preparation.

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I think you'll find that the 7 hours will pass quickly.

I'd go for long walks (great exercise for you!), read books, go to the park, feed the birds, do "baby exercises" and dance around the house.

I would make fun keepsake crafts for the parents - who doesn't love anything with a handprint or footprint of their child?

Keep a small journal to share w/the parents that notes what he ate, how long he napped, what activities you did, etc. - it's nice for the parents to see what the little guy has been doing. You might help them chronicle important milestones - first tooth, etc.

Near the end of the day give him a bath so that he's all fresh and clean for his parents when they get home from work.

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