400 cfm with 30" bs rnb range??

Stranger_In_The_AlpsFebruary 13, 2013

I know there are 10,000 postings about range hoods and MUA, but here's one more...
I just learned that our local requirements are for conditioned MUA for anything over 400 CFM, so I am now very seriously considering a 400 CFM hood for our 30" BS RNB (instead of the 600 I was looking at). The range is on an exterior wall and will vent straight out, there is also a window right next to the range. The closest HVAC return is on the other side of the house, so conditioned MUA is going to be a real PITA. We do some wok cooking and searing, but not exclusively.

Does anyone have a similar setup and does it work?

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Well there are those on this forum who would tell you "no way" - but I'll give you my perspective. I have a DCS range with a 600 CFM hood and I rarely run it on high even when stir frying. When I cook something with a lot of smoke I do run it on high but that's not the norm.

In your situation I would say you could probably make due with 400 CFMs but get as deep a hood as you can and don't mount it any higher than 30"

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It will be adequate about 60% of the time with most of your low heat cooking that mainly produces steam and odors. The other 40% with high heat activities will see you smoking yourself out and opening a window. And aerosolized grease particles from your stir fry will make it around the room for you to clean it off. Yes, some will be captured with 400 CFM. But be extra sure to make the backsplash and adjacent cabinets easy to clean surfaces. And NO thermofoil cabinets anywhere near that heat.

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