Yikes! Same paint on ceilinging very different. Xpost

leahcateApril 16, 2011

I posted this on decor since it's so active, and some paint color savvy folks hang out there. I need advice, please.

Normally, I believe paint takes on a lighter appearance on the ceiling, and that's been my previous experience.

My painted-today tray ceiling, all in same shade of honey gold as the walls, has reacted very differently to the changing light: Throughout the day it has appeared a whole shade darker, and now in late afternoon it also looks a very different color....cocoa...a taupe shade, not gold. :>/

When the painters return on Monday I'd planned to have them go over at a 50% reduction. Now I have no idea what that might result in...pale cocoa? I don't have the ladder or the stamina for heights to try it out myself....even if I could (paint store closed tomorrow). Hope someone here has more knowledge about this...anyone??

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A color applied to a ceiling can look VERY different from the same paint on a WALL.

It lies on an entirely different "plane" if you will...and receives light only indirectly, unless you have up-lights in your trays.
There's really nothing you can do, since the arc or our sun thru the sky sends differing wavelengths of light thru the windows anyway! Color-temperature changes during the day into evening also.

Regardless....it takes paint a few days to dry thoroughly. The final look of the "sheen" can take slightly longer.

To ME...colors look darker on a ceiling vs. a wall. Again...they don't get the same reflected light as a wall.

As the Beatles have said many times..."Whisper words of wisdom, Let it Be".....


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