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angasalApril 18, 2007

Hi. I am new to this forum and it has SO MUCH GREAT info. 2 unrelated questions. How does painting over tile really come out? I bought an epoxy "tub n tile" product but am unsure if it will come out looking icky (moving into a pepto-bismol pink bathroom)... Also, I have been looking for a warm, carmel color for our mudroom and by looking at pictures on this forum, am pretty much sold on the Lowes Eddie Bower Bungalow Gold color. I have never used Lowes paints before, though, and wanted to know if it was good quality?

Thanks so much!

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Where did you geet the "Tub n tile" product? Brand name? Whatever you do, follow prep instructions closely! Unless your planning on spraying this product on your tub, I'd forget it. It will look "icky" as you put it earlier if you try to brush and roll apply.

As for paint products, Lowes will have some good products. Do you have a paint store near by? Not sure where you live - find a busy paint store and go in and ask question - they can help.

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I thought of painting my shower stall, bath tub and tile in the MB for a couple of years and I did some extensive research. There are some websites that sell that stuff but even they sort of "hint" that it is better done by a pro. I talked to someone who TEACHES how to pant tile and she advised me against it saying it is a very short time solution.

Time and again, "everyone" said that refinishing tub and tile DIY is NOT a good idea, this is something that should be done by a real pro, if AT ALL.

After seeing a video clip of how it is done (most likely, on HGTV), I have no doubt that it is true. You can ruin your existing tub and would have to get a new one but after a lot of headache.

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