ionized_gwApril 4, 2011

Is there anything special about Kilz?

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As a apposed to nothing at all ?

I prefer Zinzer Bin....Or BM Fresh Start.

Google Kilz vs Zinzer and read the reviews.
I guess I should have asked what are you painting ?

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Thanks, the first project of many is a bedroom with "punched" rock lath that we just removed wall paper from. The attached bath has more modern gypsum board. As we move through the house, we will be painting a similar mixture, mostly rock Lath and a little gypsum. We have about 50% paint and 50% wall paper on the walls and we hope to end up with all paint.

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The original Kilz (oil based) is a good stain blocking primer, good for using on water stains, smoke damage and we also use it for blocking out cat pee odor on floors under carpet. Kilz2 (latex) is a cheap, low quality general purpose primer that is labelled as 'stain killing' but it doesn't kill any stains. The best thing to use after stripping wallpaper would be Gardz, which is a clear sealer that locks down any residual paste leftover from the stripping process.

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Once paste-residue is removed (and that can take a while...) AND rinsed well, forget most of the Kilz group.
The original Oil is fine, but you'd better have a TON of ventilation and/or a good "solvents" cartridge-filter mask!!

Instead, I'd use BIN or Gardz as PG said. Another good choice is Zinssers' Odorless-Oil primer.

Prime the WHOLE room though...not just where paper came off!


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Thanks, the paste came off the plaster pretty easily. The paper came off in whole sheets and the paste seems to have come off with water leaving a smooth finish. The more-modern gypsum board might not be so good.

I have a thought to share about "odorless" chemical mixtures. Just because you can't smell it does not mean that it is not as bad for you as the stuff with a more detectable smell. Yes, I do have to think about chemical safety issues as part of my job though chemical safety is not my whole job.

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