A Treasure's Trove

CheshireCatJuly 24, 2005

Here is just a bit of back story...

So... i pick up this book a couple weeks ago called A Treasure's Trove by Michael Stadther-a friend suggested it.

It turned out to be a fantastic fairy tale with beautiful illustrations. I had a blast reading it with my son, who's now 6. The tale follows a group consisting of a human, a human/elf, a "doth" (looks like a cute winged dog) and various other creatures as they try to save the dying forest. It had very meaningful and moral ideas i ended up discussing with my son (preservation of nature, love and wildly challenging clues to boot)

OK, here is where we take a turn! In the book the team must search for these jewels. Now, in real life the makers of this book have decided to make a nationwide (U.S.) treasure hunt for jewels similar to those in the book. Decipher the clues from the book that lead to 12 different locations around the US. Find the location and find a gold token with instructions on how to get the jewel. The 12 jewels total over 1 million dollars in value!! crazy right?

Has anyone read this book? heard of it? hunting? I want to see what you all think about this.

It's a great idea for a book and has so much to offer in terms of family experience and I am pro anything that positively stimulates a child's interest in reading, so i recommend it.

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I haven't heard of it, but it sounds interesting. I'll have to look for it.

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here is a site for the book:


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Yes heard of it,,,,,sounds like a wonderful family "trip;,,,
Kids are so eternally fascinated with mystery and treasure....I think it's great to put it all together!
Linda C

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