ISO recomendation for cabinet locks

ratremFebruary 10, 2014

I am looking for recomendations for good locks to keep kids out of cabinet drawers. My 4 year old is driving me crazy getting into the snack drawer, especially before dinner. I know it's just a matter of time before the 1 year old follows. We already have them in a higher drawer, but she uses a stool to get in. She has access to fruit, veggies, and other healthier snacks, but wants unlimited access to the good stuff, granola bars, goldfish, my Luna bars etc.
and the school snacks.
Anyone have ideas of great locks that are not visible from the outside and will be bullet proof for an older child.

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robo (z6a)

Maybe a magnetic lock like tot lok? Not visible but need a key to open? I haven't used them but they seem neat.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tot lok

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Dynasty has a built in lock system available for their cabinetry. You could do just a pantry in it, or an upper. I've not put it into a kitchen yet, but one couple was interested in it because they use a kitchen cabinet for medicines.

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You know how you're watching a movie sometimes and you secretly hope the bad guy gets away with it?

I'm doing that here. Shame on me.

And a little partner in crime on the way up. Delicious.

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how does that dynasty lock work?

just an fyi to the OP about the tot locks if you go that route- put some felt on the back of the magnetic piece so that you don't scratch your cabinetry. :)

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The tot locks didn't work on our full overlay Kraftmaid cabs. Too thick.

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I have inset cabinets, not sure how that translates to locks. The tot locks look great, will keep me out of the snack drawer too if I need a key everytime! Not happy I will have to drill holes though.

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