3-year-old son acting like baby; expecting baby in Sept

goodhome631July 25, 2008

I need some advice on handling my 3-year-old son. We are expecting a baby girl this fall (Sept) and my son seems overly fascinated with acting like a baby -- he constantly proclaims himself to be a baby (rarely as a "big kid"), is starting to insert more baby talk into his speech (and he's quite verbal for his age), asks for a bottle every day (we don't give it), etc.

We do try to talk up his new role as a big brother as well as all the benefits of being a big kid.

Still, I can tell that he remains uncertain about growing up. Please tell me this too shall pass! Any advice?

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I am sure it will pass. Just make sure you spend lots of time with just him, so he doesn't feel left out.

You seem to be doing the right thing.

When he acts "baby" let him do it for a bit and then distract him with something more age appropriate. when the baby is born, I am sure he will quickly realize its far better being a 3 year old !

All the best with your little girl.


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When My kids did this I let them, and would point out how it wasn't as fun being a baby. Example, if they wanted the bottle and I had formula, I made up a bottle for them with formula (They didn't like it), ane dsaid, but that's what babies drink. If they wanted to go ou tside and play, they couldn't because babies had to stay inside because it was too hot/cold whatever/ The "I want to be a baby" only lasted about a week, they found out it was more fun being the older sibling.

As for the babytalk..I "couldn't understand" baby talk, so they didn't get whatever they wanted when talking baby talk. I could understand big kid talk. It is amazing how when it isn't FUN, they don't want to do it.


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That's all good advice. Don't respond to the baby talk, except to say you can't understand it. Ignore the other behavior as long as everyone is safe. Denying him anything baby is only going to make it seem more appealing. Let him see for himself, it's not so good.

Also, go through his baby book/pictures. He lives in the moment, the fact that he was a baby himself is maybe a fact he's heard, but doesn't remember or feel. Let him see he DID do all those baby things, and yet how much he has grown, how much he has learned, and can do for himself.

My kids were each about 3 when the next one was born. It really is a great spacing. Soon you will see your first born fall in love, give love to his new sibling w/no expectations, unconditional. It will melt your heart! This will pass. Be patient. Remember how your first turned your life around, that is what he feels now. This is a big change in his life, he is figuring it out as best he can. Your whole family will readjust and it will be just fine.

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Take him on special outings and tell him the baby can't come because she is a baby.

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My daughter is two and we have just had another baby,well hes two months old now,before he was born my daughter did all the baby things,since we had him,its like she changed over night,now sleeps in own bed, wees on the toilet,doesnt want her dummy,but she still likes her bottle,and often finishes her brothers bottle when hes finished with it.When your baby arrives i think your son will be totally different,i wouldnt worry about it ,he will feel all grown up and love being the big brother,just make sure he has plenty of mummy time too.congrats on baby

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He will eventually adjust...just make sure he'll feel as special as the baby....I know from having 9 myself...and it takes time...

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