Where should a prep sink go? Can I fit a double wall oven?

homebuyer23February 21, 2013

IâÂÂve posted a lot about my layout, sorry. Still havenâÂÂt found a KD to work with, so for now MS Paint and you guys are my BFs.

At the advice of many suggesting an island, I came up with this plan. Turns out I can fit a HUGE, albeit mostly narrow, island. I think IâÂÂm excited.

Please critique any aspect of it. Most importantly for now is where the best place for a prep sink is, and can I fit a double wall oven anywhere, leading to a 36â induction cook top instead of range.

The idea of a prep sink is still pretty new to me, so IâÂÂm having a hard time deciding where it should go. I assumed on the island but when I look at it, I feel like I have to put it right in the middle of the island for it to make senseâ¦rinse, chop to my right, turn to my right & pop on stove. If thatâÂÂs the best spot, I have a hard time believing I need itâ¦the big sink is right behind me there! I was thinking on the PR wall, but I was hoping to possibly use that spot for wall oven(s).

sooo⦠I swallow my pride and post again and humbly ask for your feedback on my latest!! This should end soon, contractors coming tomorrow bringing a KD with them and I'm heading to Oxford Cabinet shop soon!

I am still able to change the location of anything in this plan, but IâÂÂm TRYING not to move the big window b/c its already a bumped out window there. Thanks as always for any feedback!

Not sure why this keeps posting so small . My aisle width between window wall and island is 38". Between PR wall and side of island is 55". Between island and basement door is 52". The island measures 120" long. Its 28" wide at the short end and 41" at wider end.

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