A New Roof With Hip and Ridge Tiles From Louisiana

kswl2February 2, 2013

I have been researching roof tiles for more than a year. Our roof was in fairly good shape---no leaks---but most of it was 22 years old and the shingles were getting brittle in places. We have one north facing roof plane that is like a moss factory, and like most older roofs it had unattractive streaks of dark mildew. A wood roof was going to double our homeowner's insurance policy.Yes, double, and we live 20 min. away from our all volunteer fire department,so that idea was a non-starter. A metal roof did not go with the style of the house, so we were back to asphalt shingles. I found one manufacturer that uses a 20 year guaranteed against mildewing product by 3M on their shingles (Atlas Pinnacle Pristine). Their darkest color was not a true black, but the shingles themselves are about a half-inch bigger than the standard size for architectural shingles. Anyway, looking through the internet for pictures of this particular shingle and color led me to sites in Louisiana of roofing companies that use concrete tiles made there in the state on roof ridges and hip lines. I absolutely loved the look, and contacted one of the roofing companies. The nice man answered back with the name of the manufacturer of the tiles, Hecker Ridge Tiles of New Orleans, and they couldn't have been nicer or more helpful. I showed the pictures to our local roofer, showed him the installation videos that are on youtube, and he was as enthusiastic as I was. The tiles were shipped, and about two weeks later we have a beautiful new roof!

I've tried to post photos that show the hip and ridge tiles. Here is a picture from Premier South Roofing in Shreveport that convinced me to go with the tile detail:

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Sorry, that last picture from the roofing company in Louisiana did not show up. Here it is:

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Gosh, I don't know why that is so blurry. Here is a link to the webpage instead (below). Scroll down to the pictures of Atlas Pinnacle Pristine Black and click on the first picture.

Here is a link that might be useful: A house in Louisiana with ridge and hip tiles

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That is a very handsome roof! It looks great on your house. I like the atypical golden trim color. Very pretty colors together!

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Congratulations! Isn't it wonderful when things work out well? That roof looks like it belongs, which is what you want!

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That looks fabulous!

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that's gorgeous. Love the colors. The perfect match.

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What a great look! Nice choice, kswl! Beautiful house.

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I've only been to New Orleans a couple of times but each time noticed those ridge line shingles and wondered if they were decorative or had a purpose. I even asked a taxi driver once and he didn't know. They look great - but can you tell me if they have a purpose?

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They don't have a purpose, they are purely decorative. That kind of detail is often used on slate roofs in the UK , and I think it is because the slate can't be bent over a corner and something is needed, either concrete or metal, to cover those seams. When I spoke to someone in Louisiana about the tile she said there is a long history of tile roofing there, especially in NOLA. Ships bound for the port of New Orleans often carried tile in the holds for ballast. When they docked, the tile was unloaded and sold cheaply, as the space was then needed for outbound cargo. The tiles were plentiful and became part of the architectural vernacular of the area. Now many roofs are trimmed in tiles, both the barrel type we have and a V shape that fits end to end with a thin mortar line between. Ours are a 3:1 mix of charcoal and brown put on randomly. They come in a few other colors and it is amazing how a certain combination of colors looks just right on some shingles.

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Thanks, kswl. Your roof looks so good!

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They do/did serve a purpose ... sun can wreck ridgeline shingles quickly unless they are specifically made for ridges. Back before shingle makers made properly shaped ridge shingles, these were used to make a rood last longer.

It's common in AZ to see terra cotta tiles on the ridges.

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That's interesting, lazygardens---maybe the lady at Hecker said or meant that they don't serve a purpose any longer? It makes sense that it would be more common to see tiles used on the hip lines and ridges in areas where full tile roofs are more common---like Louisiana and the southwest, and perhaps California. I lived full-time in Florida for about 8 years and never saw this roof treatment there, though.

In our case this was a purely decorative addition. They don't make a tile that fits over a ridge vent, so we eliminated the vent and replaced it with several power vents on the back side of the main roof line. The tiles added more than a bit to the cost, but I was very pleased with the outcome.

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Looks really nice, but just want to let you know the tiles will most likely have moss grow on it.
Both our house and shop roofs are tile and about 7 years after install we had to get someone in to remove all the moss on the North and East sides.
Lazygardens is correct.... your roof will most likely last longer.

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I will be on the lookout for that, annz, thanks for the heads up. There are only two hips that have a side facing north, and the ridge is perpendicular to north---what I mean to say is that the biggest planes of the roof are oriented east and west. I like the look so much I don't mind a little extra maintenance :-)

Since those photos were taken (we had the work done the WEEK before Christmas this year, I should have had my head examined) we've had the gutters replaced with larger ones that almost completely cover the fascia board.

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Okay, last pictures of the roof, I promise. I wanted some wider shots for a relative who is an architect. I had to get pretty far away to see a lot of the tiled lines. It is amazing --- to me--- how the tiles blend with the roof and brick. This also shows the wider gutter, which may not be that evident though from this distance. I was about 100 ft or so from the front door.

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I keep forgetting you can only use one photo at a time from the phone. This is cropped to show the roof lines on one side:

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Love your house and lot. The tiles are a nice added touch.

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