what kind of paint for front door?

ctaylors6April 23, 2011

Hi! I'm going to repaint my front door. It's solid wood and has at least 2 coats of black oil-based paint.

What brand / line of paint should I use? I want a semi-gloss finish, not super high gloss. I'd like to keep the black color. If it makes a difference, the door doesn't get much direct sunlight or rain. I'm in north Texas, so we get lots of heat and humidity in the summers and at least a few weeks of freezing in the winter.

I'm happy to sand, prime, etc. I'm a DIYer but fairly experienced (eg lots of cabinets, some furniture, many rooms). I'm just a little stumped as to what kind of paint since I've never painted any exterior surface like a door (ie higher than normal gloss).

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Do you have an idea of how well the previous paint held up ?
If good, use the same.
Exterior paint opens up a whole new world..Blistering,peeling,cracking,falling off, I've given up in this area.

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I called my painting store (they are very knowledgeable). Here's what they said:

You can use an oil base primer and then latex paint on top


Oil based paint straight on top of current paint

They suggested an EXTERIOR paint for the door. The door does get hot and cold, etc. Just get a quart made up at Benjamin Moore. How about "Texas Leather" instead of black? It's a gorgeous dark, rich, velvety dark brown. Check it out on their personal color viewer online.

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Thank you both so much!!
The previous paint has held up pretty well. The door was painted about 7 years ago by professional painters. I know they used Sherwin Williams for the siding so I would guess they used SW for the door too. I'll go by there and see if I can get similar paint.

I'd LOVE to change the color but we just had shutters in the front painted black. My DH had said he wanted a new door, so I told the painters to skip the door. Then after all the painters left, DH decided he didn't want a new door. So I'm painting it. :) That color would look great with the brick on the house, so I'll save the idea for next time.

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