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rgustafsApril 17, 2011

I am working with a REALLY small, unvented full bathroom with plaster walls. I have sanded and patched and sanded and patched and sanded some more. I am now satisfied that my walls are ready to be painted and am leaning toward F&B -- likely Borrowed Light, but I will get my sample pots tomorrow.

Knowing that my bathroom is unvented, can/should I prime with Kilz if I am going with F&B Modern Emulsion? And do I go with water-based or oil-based?

Many thanks!


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Why is the bath still unvented?

It is VERY important...unless it's not used much?!

If it's daily use, get a fan in there...vented to the outside, as is code.

You SHOULD wash the walls down first, preferably with POWDERED Dirtex.
Use a good primer like Zinsser's 123 Latex, or C2-One.

If it won't be vented...primer-type will make no difference. You're just asking for problems then.


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Thanks, Faron. It is not a daily use bathroom, but I still wish it were vented. The condo was built in the 40s so there are many things about it that are not up to code. One day when I am able to remodel, that will all change.

I have not had issues with the walls in the bathroom in the past 4 years, with the exception of last month when a burst pipe in the upstairs condo unit and subequent half-a$$ed patching by the condo management led me to decide to it was time to re-patch and paint. :)

So...Wash em down with Dirtex then Zinsser's or C2-One. Sounds good.

Thank you!

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