Anyone watch Jon & Kate plus 8

pinkpeoniesJuly 1, 2008

I thought this might be a good board to discuss the show.

I think they do rather well with having 8 kids. I don't know if I could stay on top of it like Kate. Her house is clean. She really knows how to grocery shop! I never even knew about rainchecks on items until that one episode.

I recently was in the airport and saw Kate and Mady dashing to make the plane. It was funny because as I was walking I could see this child with a big frown on her face and she was having a little episode.

Then I realized who it was. I know on the show they reference that she has her moods. That she complains because the little ones don't listen to her or seem to like her.

I think they almost do an injustice by not coming down on her harder. I think she is going to grow up never getting along with others. She needs a lot of attention and seems to need to rule over others. For her age it seems like it could be a long road.

I know its' only a show. But, the camera can't make you act a certain way. I just watch and cringe. I wonder if I am just oblivious to what it's like to have a 1st grader.

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My 12 yo daughter loves that show! She also watches SuperNanny (or maybe Nanny 911, not sure what it's called).

I loathe the nanny shows, and this is why: I crave a peaceful atmosphere and always telling dh and the kids to be calm and work things out without yelling. Or, if they want to be loud, just go upstairs or outside. Still, there is a LOT of whining/screeching/excess noise in the house. There is no way I want to hear it on the TV, too!

I have more tolerance for Jon & Kate, though - there seems to be a lot of good moments on the show, not just chaos. I always tell dd to let me know if she picks up any good tips :)

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Hate it!

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Kate bullies Jon and enables the twins to behave badly so it's no wonder she's always in a panic with the sextuplets.

I feel bad for poor Jon. Even if he wanted to leave because she was so manipulative and bullying, he couldn't because of the child support.

They should get Kate some serious psychiatric help and parenting classes.

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Interesting that you posted this today. I watch the show if I happen to be clicking around and find it. My favorite is little Aiden - "the professor" - so cute! They all are.

I don't like the way that Kate (mostly it's Kate) frequently disses Maddy. Heck - the kids watch the show (they've said that before). How does Maddy feel about her mother/parents saying things like that about her, even if they're true. She's 7! I wouldn't like to continually hear about what a problem I am or how different I am even now, at my ripe age, much less when I was 7.

For example, last night Kate was talking about the trip to the ceramics studio (or whatever it was) with the girls. She said that Cara made an adorable something-or-other and how great it was, and that Maddy made a perfectly atrocious something else. Those weren't her exact descriptions, but her words were equally distinct. Poor kid. Maybe Kate should consider cause-and-effect?

Kids all have different personalities and we deal with them as individuals. Hopefully we don't make critical comments so often, especially to the whole world. Frankly, I don't like the way the twins act like little mothers to the sextuplets. That's Kate's job - the twins should just act like 7 year olds and not mommies (I'm not saying that Kate made them that way).

I liked the video they showed last night at the very end. It showed lots of kisses and hugs and cuddling between the parents and kids, something that we don't see often otherwise.

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Have to comment. Although, I think they do a good job of meeting most of their kids needs, I find that Kate has quite the pecking order with her children. She seems to favor Hannah above all (notice how much she is holding her "hannie") then the other little girls, then Cara, then the "icky" boys, then poor Maddie. She has said on the show that she sees herself a lot in Maddie, which may be why they have so many problems. I feel bad for the kids, because they will be forever preserved on youtube and DVDs having temper tantrums and meltdowns. I also feel that they since neither parent has a real job anymore, they are making money and getting lots of freebees off their childrens backs (they get clothes, Juicy juice, johnson and johnson products, as well as cosmetic (!) procedures for free). It just doesn't seem fair to the kids. I think Kate likes the "idea" of being a mom to 8, but not the reality of being a mom to 8.

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I've seen it a couple of times, and though I agree that Kate has it pretty well together, especially considering she has 8 kids, but, I also think she is a b*tch, and treats Jon like sh*t!

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I've only watched the show a couple times, so maybe my view is a little distorted (especially considering the other comments here), but both my husband and I thought Jon was pretty detached and grumpy most of the time, while Kate was kind of the cheerleader -- trying to keep the family running efficiently and happily. But honestly, with 8 kids, it seems fairly hard for me to judge these people. I'm going to have to watch it more to see if I agree with these other opinions. Interesting.

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I have watched this show quite a few times. I do notice that Kate seems sooooooo bossy with her husband. The kids are all adorable, but I can not imagine having 8 kids. I think her organizational skills are excellent, I have trouble keeping a house with 4 kids clean!

I have often wondered what people with all these kids do to support them. I mean what does Jon do for a living? And I have seen that other show with the family with like 15 kids whose names all start with J. Often wondered what the dad does to support that family!

I worked with a lady who underwent fertility treatments to have children and she was blessed with twins. I asked her what she would have done if she found out she was pregnant with 6 and she said her and her husband had both agreed they would "reduce" to triplets. Not sure how that works, but I guess it is an option.

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mom2emall, I thought that the doctor inserted a certain amount of fertilized eggs, and see how many take. If all 6 take, then you can selectively reduce to the number you want. In a way, abortion. Where I am pro-choice, I do not consider inseminating a woman with 6 fertilized eggs appropriate. Your choices are then abortion or having 6 at one time, the latter which is really unhealthy for the mother and children. I'm not certain, but I suspect that not all doctors would even consider inserting that many fertilized eggs. If you get to that point, though, I'm guessing your body isn't very receptive to pregnancy and the cost involved with insemination are the biggest factors involved with the decision to the number of fertilized eggs inserted. Please correct me if I'm wrong, I honestly don't know these things for sure, it is truly speculation.

As for the show, I think it is fun and interesting to watch. I don't watch it regularly, but when I catch it, I like it. I'm impressed by her organization, for sure!! And for the comments that she is bossy and he is grumpy, I find it hard to think my husband and I wouldn't be that way with twins and sextuplets. Don't forget, the TV only shows what they want you to see. If it gets attention to show her aggravated and him mopey, then that is what they show. Just my thoughts :) Christy

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