Do you pull your kids out of school

adellabedella_usaJuly 19, 2005

for non-sick type days?

Here is the situation and it is stressing me out. My 5 yo is starting kindergarten next month. DH wants to pull him out for a few days around Labor Day weekend to go visit fil. I say ds needs to stay in school and go through the socalization process because school is brand new and there is a lot to learn. I also don't want ds to think he can stay home from school on a whim. DH's dad is turning 70 that weekend. He was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer two years ago and we are lucky to still have him around. DH's family traditionally has a family reunion that weekend, but I say we'll just have to miss it. We could go in August to celebrate the birthday a couple of weeks early, but dh won't do it. My fil's health is rapidly declining. I don't want ds to miss a potentially last chance to see his grandfather, but I think it should be done a little earlier.

Would you pull your child out of school for a few days for this?

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Pull your son out of school. Kindergarten is not as important as seeing his grandfather. Kids at this age make freinds very quickly and there is little taught in the first days of kindergarten that he probably hasn't learned from you at home, anyway. A kindergarten day looks like this more or less: reading circle, calendar, counting, colors, recess, snack, nap.

Also, consider that this may cause future resentment in your family if you do not allow the visit. This is not a whim, this is a dying family member.

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Kindergarten and first grade, yes I would take her out in a heartbeat. Work with the teacher to see if they need to bring a book or class activities with them.

DD is going into 2nd this year, and I feel if I had a serious need to take her out, this time she'd have to take assignments with her. But I would still do it.

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For your situation-yes! No question about it. Its not staying home on a whim-he is going to a family reunion to visit his terminally ill Grandfather.

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Take your son out! A few years ago, my mother passed away and I actually pulled my children out of school (5th grade and 10th) for a few days to visit with their grandmom who was very close to "the end" but had rallied for "a few good days". I am so very happy that they were able to have some time, make a last "good" memory and actually say goodbye.
I know your child is much younger, so the memories will need to be reinforced with pictures, stories from you and others at the reunion and perhaps a video -- but look at this long term, he will have something to think back on when in school they bring up the subject of your family tree. (This is common in grade school, from learning vocabulary words to identifying relationships; middle school when we teach about communities and high school when we teach immigration in Social Studies and foreign languages. I know both my children had "family" used as a teaching tool, and I have used the topic in Psychology, Sociology and History classes).
Also, I have known of many children pulled out of school for reasons much less compelling.

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Another vote for taking him out. We didn't have any choice but to take winter vacations. Teachers were always supportive realizing how important family vacations are. When they get into middle school and high school it is much more difficult ont he kids to pull them out, but at his age he'll gain more by the trip IMO.

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