chalkboard paint

rizzyApril 23, 2012

Anyone have experience with chalkboard paint? Pros and cons? I am wanting to do it in our playroom. I am currently thinking a full wall of it (or a smaller area with molding around it).

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It works okay, but not as good as a real chalkboard.

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I have read many design blogs that wrote about using chalkboard is a very popular idea, even in kitchens. Google it and see what you come up with as far as bloggers who blogged about it. I think it is very attractive and your kids would love it.

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I strongly recommend it to any family. Having a chalkboard in the house at the center of everything was the best communicator, teacher, rendevous station, human expression station.
I painted a pc. of 3/4" plywood and screwed it to the wall, filler over the screws, than painted green chalkboard over everything. my brother made us a 2 groove tray out of Redwood.
It was great to see the adults reaction to having it as it was the kids. Good luck!

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Thanks! I've googled it and seems like more people Love it then hate it. I was going to do a full wall but now I'm thinking a good size section of the wall and put some molding around it to make it "pretty".

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dry erase board...can get 4 x 8 sheet at home depot...

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I agree - chalkboard paint is awesome. I have an entire wall of it in our study. And we don't even have kids! We use it for work to "chalk out" our to-do list and such.

The wall basically looks black and is a very dramatic accent wall.

Do keep in mind that the chalking will produce a lot of chalk dust (or maybe I have the wrong type of chalks?). For us, the dust falls to the floor and I sweep it off the hard wood floors. I like Jumpilotmdm's idea for a tray.

Lastly, you can custom color the chalkboard paint. Check out this from Martha Stewart (of course!)

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