Anyone used Magnetic Paint?

buster100April 6, 2009

We are thinking of painting a wall with magnetic paint so we can hang kids art work on it. Anyone have any experience with it? Good or Bad? Does the top coat of paint look smooth?

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I used it in my daughters room for the same reason. It works great and simple magnets really do stick well and hold pics. I had to put on about 3 coats (sorry, cant remember exactly how many) for it to work well and the paint doesnt seem to go that far. But, maybe this was because I painted over the magnetic paint with latex paint to match the rest of the room.

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We used it in our playroom. My DH put 4 coats & it's still not holding the bigger animal magnets, but the smaller are still up. Our walls have orange peel texture & I think that is our problem. I'll try & snap a photo if you want. I know we still have the can around here too. We were going to do chalkboard over that until I realized the texture would be an issue there too.

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I know this is an old thread, but I was about to post the same question, so figured it would make sense to keep it all in one place!

Ok, so we want to use magnetic paint over drywall, and then cover it up with a "normal" Benjamin Moore paint.

My questions were if people who have used magnetic paint could tell me what brand they used, and if they then put another regular, normal paint on top?

We also want to hang kid's artwork and photographs using magnets on the wall.


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It doesn't work very well - consider this instead:

Cover the wall with steel roofing (or flashing) and paint it.

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That does look very cool - industrial-chic! But it won't suit my kitchen's style, which is already set.

There are several brands out there right now - if anyone loves the one they chose, please post the name and how many coats you used.

Also, I am planning to paint over the magnetic paint with a normal interior paint.

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Usually...3 full coats over ~ 4sq./ft. produces an OK grip.
(Rust-oleums magnetic paint anyway...!)

Yes, some contact-area is lost if walls are textured.
Any latex can be used over the top.


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