Repainting Metal Porch Lights

summerstarApril 22, 2011

Our porch lights are nine years old and the paint or stain on the metal has faded and we'd like to repaint them. Does anyone have any painting tips?

I'll see what I can find at Lowes to get them to a dark bronze color like our front door hardware. Anyone have any painting tips? Our old lights faded due to the direct sun they get all day, so do I need to put a coat of sealer on the finished coat to help against fading?

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I will paint anything that doesn't move. Are you comfortable with electricity to remove them from the wall - or do you want to paint them in place?

I recently used Rustoleum Painter's Touch Metallic paint in a color called Aged Copper on some flashing outside my house. I don't know whether it comes in a spray can or not.

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graywaings: did you have to use primer on your metal first? What about using a sealer to help with UV fading? I'd be happy if the new paint would keep its color for a good period of time, but I don't know if a primer is really needed.

As far as removing the lights first goes, Husband Dear was an electronics tech in the AF so he's good with electrical.

How well has Rustoleum held up for you? What it an outside application?

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I just used the Aged Copper a couple weeks ago. Yes, it was an outside application.

Sometimes I spray prime, sometimes I don't. My experience is that things that don't get touched a lot seem to hold up well when painted.

If I were painting these lights and wanted to be thorough, I would lightly sand them, spray paint with primer and then spray paint the top coat once or twice. Tape over with blue painters tape any parts of the fixtures you don't want paint on.

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Best of advice from Graywings
UV lite may be a toughie
porches do come in handy
Black is our most successful color
I'd like to see home appliances use todays automotive quality paint

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