Need help choosing paint for kitchen!

jedistreveApril 7, 2012

Ive been pulling my hair out over this. I guess it doesnt help that I am partially color blind haha.

Anyway, here are pictures of what it looks like now...Flat white ceiling paint and the original ugly light beige color.

Since the countertop looks black in pics, here is the actual countertop...

I am trying to stay away from yellows and oranges. I am more of a earth tone, grey and tan person. I've tried the virtual color things but I cant tell what looks good. Please help me!!!

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I guess I should have added that the appliancea will be changed to black in the near future too.

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Steve...I think I still have a sample of that Formica from when I was considering countertops. I'll see if I can dig it out after work to compare to paint chips in case a combo jumps out at me.

You'll probably get more responses to this in the Kitchens forum, though!

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I appreciate the help. I dont see an option to change this post to another forum but I will post it again in the Kitchen section. Thank you!

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I would suggest posting this on the Home Decorating forum. Lots of color advice over there.

There are shades of gray that look good with cabinets the color of yours.

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Go to a paint store and get an exterior color card/chart, the ones that only show you 10-20 colors in different schemes on the outside of houses & such. Look for the combination that is a taupe/grey/deep beige as the body-of-the-house color with black shutters. Take that color and go to their main color display and find it. Now take that color chip, that usually has 5-6 colors some lighter and some darker, and pick on of those as your wall color.
The counter top in your kitchen represents the dark shutters as the accent in your interior scheme and your cabinets will go with almost anything.
Since you seem to be having trouble picking, think outside the box a little and ask the paint company to pick it for you, sort of.

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OK, hopefully funcolors or someone with a trained eye will jump in, but to my eye, the following Benjamin Moore Colors (from their Color Preview fandeck) might be good possibilities:

Ashley Gray HC-87
Revere Pewter HC-172
Sandy Hook Gray HC-108
Hollingsworth Green
Misted Green 2138-50
Stratton Blue HC-142
Grant Beige HC-83
Soft Fern 2144-40
Horizon Gray 2141-50
Creekside Green 2141-40
Desert Twilight 2137-40

(the grays were my favorites)

Do you have a non-color blind friend who can look at paint chips or sample pots with you? Your own lighting makes such a huge difference in color. Soft Fern, for instance, is a lovely leafy green in my mother's bathroom, but a boring near-beige in the store.

Were there any colors you had in mind or a particular feel you want to achieve?

*I wrote this last night and meant to check the colors again today but I've misplaced my laminate sample! If you don't have a friend whose judgement you trust on color, you might get a sample of the laminate (Wilsonart Raven Gemstone) from Home Depot and take it with you to the paint store.

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