painting back of china cabinet

sloyderFebruary 18, 2012

I have a built in 30's China Cabinet, and wondering if I should paint the back walls of the cabinet white, or the same color of the walls which are BM Hawthorne Yellow. Have it torn apart now, so it is the best time to paint that area?


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I would bring in a third color to the space and paint the back of it that color.

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I completely agree -bring in a third color

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I like the idea of a third color, but I'd not paint the back of the cabinet unless it's wallboard. I'd use paint foam core cutting to fit inside the cabinet. Much easier to redo at a later date. No taping off. You can even cover the foam core with anaglypta wallpaper before painting it.

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The back of the cabinet is plasterboard. What would a third color be, above the chair rail is the hawthorne yellow, below is a caponata (purple).

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Is there a fabric that will be used in the room? Maybe one of those colors.

Or maybe one of the colors of the china, if it has a decorative pattern.

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laura mcleod

Fabric is what I was also going to suggest - I have done this and it was a lot of fun (I taped it onto heavy cardboard with batting and cut it to size so I did not have to commit) I have also used swank wrapping paper as well as wallpaper. I think this a great space to do something a little more dramatic or whimsical.

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Agree with painting or wallpapering or upholstering a foam core board instead of the actual cabinet back. Since you have two different wall colors I would probably go with a wallpaper pr fabric. It's a chance to use some thing really distinctive because you've just got a small bit of it.

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With plasterboard being the backing you could use the spray starch method to apply fabric. Ofcourse not seeing the actual room and china cabinet we all are only guessing at what would look best. Would it be possible for you to share a photo?

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That cabinet sounds beautiful! I have antique furniture in my dining room and instead of paint I went with fine wallpaper. It really accentuated the furniture!

Here is a link that might be useful: Wallpaper

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