LED lighting

Lorenza5064February 26, 2013

I am updating the recessed ltg in my kitchen. I plan to stick with 120v fixtures and hope to use LED bulbs (par 20). I have tried several LED bulbs that are labeled as producing "warm white" (3K W) light. They seem very very white, nearly blue white. Perhaps I am conditioned to the more golden light produced by incandescent bulbs. Has anyone found an LED source that is closer to the incandescent color spectrum? I visited the Lighting Forum, but was overwhelmed by the level of "tech speak"....

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There are some bulbs that come in at 2700.
I thought I wanted those - but as my DH says - light should be white not yellow -
We have 3K and they are not blue at all and they dim.

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Do you have 4" or 6" cans currently? The Ecosmart recessed bulbs at Home Depot come in 2700, which is a warmer "soft white," in both those sizes. These bulbs work in regular ED (Edison) cans, the kind that take screw-in incandescent bulbs. They are self-trimming, so you don't need the extra ring around the outside of the can.

I think incandescent is 2500, isn't it? So 2700 would be better for you.


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I think LED cans from Cree have a really nice light quality. The light you feel also depends on the paint in the room etc. I was against cold LED light as well and now we are doing LED in the whole house!

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