Putting an electric oven range in the corner (at an angle)

jiggFebruary 14, 2010

Has anyone ever seen or heard of someone putting an oven range in a corner, as in at an angle across the corner? I have been researching the internet and it appears that it is not normal because I can find almost nothing about it. I saw pictures from the Berry Kitchen Remodel here on Gardenweb where they put the cooktop at an angle, but that is about the only thing I can really find. I realize it will take more space, but are there other considerations that I am not thinking about? I like the idea because it seems that it will make my kitchen layout work better without having to do a major electrical or plumbing overhaul when we remodel. Any ideas will be appreciated!

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From a missing thread. I think this is a corner range.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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We considered this idea but changed our minds.

We were told by everyone from KDs to installers that it is very difficult. The angle must be exactly right. Two places, Home depot and a local cabinet store said in order to order cabinets we would have to sign a statement saying we were warned not to do this and that they would not be responsible if there are any problems even if they did the measurements! Also told that most installers absolutely refuse to do them.

We were shocked to hear this consistant negative attitude about corner ranges.

Its funny, we got the idea for a KD who I later decided not to work with. He had me visit a very high end model home that had a corner range he designed.

I'm sure it can be done if you really want it. I would make sure you have everyone on board, KD, installer, etc. with the idea and that they have experience.

In the end we decided it wasn't worth the stress and we would be losing cabinet space.

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It's a lot more difficult to lift heavy items out of an oven from straight in front of it over the hot oven door (even with good slide out racks) than it is to be able to stand along side that same oven and pick the casserole up from the side. And, you'll have to be strong, because you can't have two people lifting the 25 lb turkey from either side of the oven. One person has to stand in front and lift.

It's a BIG space eater and only really doable in a LARGE (usually for show) kitchen. By the time you add up the spacers needed to do it right, you use almost 4 feet in both directions--5' more counter space lost than doing a standard wall 30" oven. Most kitchens don't have enough room to be able to lose 5' of counter space.

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Thanks for all the comments so far! I accidently posted this question twice because I thought this one did not get submitted("Putting an oven range across the corner-have you seen this done?"). The comments from the other post are mixed, but it definitely seems that it can work. I am still in the planning stages so nothing is set. We have a small budget and I wasn't planning on using a kitchen designer, but am thinking about it since I really want this space to look and work much better than it does now.

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I had considered it because I thought it would give me a longer run on one side of my counters AND allow me to move the range farther away from the cleanup area. I saved a number of mag photos and thought I liked it.

After doing some measurements and figuring motion issues of how you stand in front of or beside, and how close beside you a second cook can be and be comfortable as noted above, I think I've decided against it. In my case, though, there was not an aesthetic reason to do it or any kind of corner flourish or focal point that was part of it, as might be if you have an arch overhead, or a big zone for it, or something. I simply think it would not achieve what I originally thought it would.

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I have a lot of pics saved, but all I found were gas range or electric wall ovens... hope this helps.

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Installing a range (or ovens) in a corner may not be easy, but it certainly isn't undoable. As with anything else, your KD and/or Contractor prefers to do what's easy...get in, get it done quickly, get out...they make more $$ that way.

If you want it and you have room for it, then keep looking until you find someone willing to do something that's not routine & easy.

The only corner range I can think of right now in the Finished Kitchens Blog (FKB) is SharB's. It is a gas range, but I don't think fuel-type is an issue.

Here is a link that might be useful: SharB's Kitchen in the FKB

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I considered this in my design, the key problem for me was the hood sticking out so far that I couldn't fit a cabinet between the hood and a window...the hood would have caused me to loose too much upper cabinet space.

I also noticed in the pictures korney posted that most of the walls were 45 degree walls, not 90.

I think it would be extra hard in the 90 situation, but I couldn't get mine to work with the 45.

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When corner ranges are installed, an angled wall is usually erected to allow the range and hood to have something to be installed against. On the plus side, it gives you plenty of room behind the range and hood for plumbing (pot filler), gas line/electric, and duct work! If you have plenty of room, it's also a way to "handle" a corner.

On the minus side, it does take up a lot of wall & counter space...around 48" on each side for 30" range or 33" oven cabinet, more for 36" or 48" ranges.

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Korney19, Thanks for all the pictures! One thing several people have mentioned is the concern for having to do everything from the front of the oven and not being able to stand to the sides to check or pick heavy dishes up. I never stand to the side to check or pick anything up now. Plus in the most of the pictures I have seen it seems that there is enough room, although more awkward, for two people to pick up a super heavy dish. So although it is definitely a concern I don't think my decision to not do it would be based on that issue. For me, the biggest concern mentioned by everyone is the extra space it takes up. But right now the only other option I can see for my kitchen is to put the stove and fridge side by side which will use up all the space on one wall. I would rather have some highly useable space on the wall than the less useable corner space. Again, I really appreciate all the comments and it is definitely helping decide what we want to do.

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its kind of funny, my friend is house shopping and she has a real hatrid of corner sinks... then i told her about my aunt and uncle's house it has a corner sink and a corner stove, it would drive her nuts.

My aunt and uncle have a range on an outside corner actually. it looks cool! He's a custom cabinet maker and she's an interior designer. My guess is that it would cost a lot for the custom angled cabinets if he wasn't doing it.

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I think it's a marvelous look - would make your kitchen really distinctive.

As to lifting, well - just pull out the rack for easy access. And you could design it with a great looking recess if you like them.


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