Anyone Use Grapefruit Spoons?

shannonplus2October 27, 2007

I posted this message on the Cookware Forum, but it gets so much less traffic, that I thought I'd cross-post on this Forum in hopes that there's others out there who know about grapefruit spoons!

I discovered how great are grapefruit spoons when I bought a couple at a flea market. I think they are a dying breed, from a bygone time when people had a separate utensil for everything. I guess no one uses them anymore, but they make grapefruit eating so easy! Also kiwi, avocado, and other fruits and vegetables.

So, I am looking for a full new set of grapefruit spoons. I decided I wanted brand new modern, rather than antiques I could find on eBay or flea markets. One issue with the flea market ones I have is that they are not ergonomic; they're thin and a little difficult to hold.

I am not sure what I am looking for though, and would appreciate any input from the experts on this Forum. I notice that some grapefruit spoons have the serrations on two sides, while some are serrated just on one side (like the Williams-Sonoma set), but am not sure what difference that makes. Price is not a factor, since they are all pretty reasonably priced.

Linked below are a few I found online, although today I saw some at BedBath&Beyond similar to the Norpro's, and they looked thin and cheap, so they're probably out of the running. But let me know if there are others that are best. Thanks!

Williams-Sonoma Grapefruit Spoons

Henckels Grapefruit Spoons

Global Decor Grapefruit Spoons

Norpro Grapefruit Spoons

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Dansk makes some grapefruit spoons too. They have some heft. There are a few new sets on ebay right now. I don't have the grapefruit spoons in this pattern but I bought a dozen of these teaspoons because teaspoons seem to get used a lot at my house.

I like grapefruit spoons, too, I have a couple of crappy ones. I keep hoping my mother will find the beautiful sterling ones that belonged to my great-grandmother. I've been promised!

Do an ebay search w/o "dansk" too. There are quite a few sets.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dansk GF spoons.

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Probably not convenient for left-handed people.

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I thought you could pick these up anywhere. I bought a nice set at the grocery store I frequent and have seen them at stores like Target and Walmart now and then. I like the wider neck on the handle and double sided as there are lefties in our family. I don't worry about matching my tableware as I consider them utilities.

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i have a set of four and another set of two. i also have a grapefruit knife. i find eating grapefruit quite difficult without them. both sets i have are of the older variety and i've never had a problem.

i have no batteries in my camera, otherwise, i'd take a picture of them.


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I am considering buying some of the Grapefruit spoons. I like untensils for specific uses and the grapefruit spoons look like they might to good for melon as well.

I know I use my iced tea spoons all the time for ice cream sodas and sundaes and retrieving the last olive out of the jar. And new iced tea spoons are near impossible to find. I pick them up on Ebay or garage sales.

Recently picked up 8 sterling silver straw spoons.


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We use grapefruit spoons all the time. I have two different kinds, both purchased at the grocery store. They are both stainless steel and have serrated edges on both sides, but one is pointier than the other. The pointier ones are better, especially for small grapefruit.

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We have a grapefruit tree so we have grapefruit spoons. The bowls are serrated all around.
As well we have a

which I wouldn't be without because the twin blades of one end fit on either side of the membrane between sections, separating them nicely.

If the sections of a halved grapefruit have been cleanly cut by the knife, then the serrated spoons aren't necessary but I like to use them just the same in case there's a section that's still attached. Otherwise we eat grapefruits cut in halves or quarters out of hand, like oranges.

I don't think grapefruit spoons are out of fashion though. I think it just depends on how often you want to eat a halved grapefruit cut into sections. The spoons make it easier to handle.


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I've always had and use grapefruit spoons. Beside the obvious they come in handy for scooping out seeds in winter squash & melons.

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The grapefruit knife works wonderfully for removing a stubborn cake from the mold too, with little to no damage.


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