Repainting a bathroom i constant use

sofaspudApril 20, 2011

Hi, folks. I have a full bath in use by young adults who like to take long showers, and it had some peeling paint a while back. So, I scraped and filled with a filler that supposedly dried to a hard surface with no outgassing. After waiting 2 weeks for that to dry thoroughly, I then repainted during a window when the bath wasn't going to be used for a week, using BM K&B paint. Now, the peeling has returned. How do I get rid of this eyesore permanently? Repeat the process but tell them they can't shut the door for 6 months while they shower? (There is an exhaust fan, and even though it is a good Panasonic with plenty of capacity, it can't keep up with an ultra-hot, long shower.)

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If the areas you have patched are the areas that are peeling again, then that is because you applied the patching compound to a surface that wasn't ready. Whenever we have mass peeling in bathrooms like this with high moisture, you want to scape everything loose and then sand those areas that you have scraped and then prime. Apply the primer before patching anything. The idea here is apply the patching compound on top of the primer. It's going to stick best to that. After patching, prime everything again and then apply topcoats.

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