How to upholster around inside corners

franksmom_2010February 2, 2012

Please help. I've looked all over the internet for hours, and still don't have a clue. The one upholstery book I have has a lame line drawing and then just shows the final product.

I'm recovering a drop-in seat on an old telephone table. It has one outside corner, and 3 inside corners that go around the chair legs. The inside corners are shaped like an "L".

I've just finished the muslin cover, and it doesn't look hideous, but I'd like to get the finish fabric to look better.

The seat actually sits on top of the chair frame, rather than dropping down into it, so all of the edges show.

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Here is a how-to link for you. Look around at Chap 8 and then at Chap 12 where the fabric is wrapped around the chair arms. Actually Chap 3b shows a corner too.

Try this with a piece of scrap muslin first to make sure you have the corner sized right.

Good Luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: How to upholster a chair

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Post a pic of the chair so we can 'see' what you mean.

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I looked at most of those videos. While there's a lot of great info, the corners on that chair are all hidden by the frame, so the construction is different.

Here's the furniture in question:

Three of the seat corners go around a leg:

I've done enough regular chair seats that I can get a pretty smooth, tight corner on the square, but this was as good as it got:

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never done anything like that corner but looks like you might need to do something similar to a dart to pull in the excess fabric.

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I will ask my upholstery teacher at my Saturday afternoon class.

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Circus Peanut

You make a diagonal cut inwards from the corner, just at tiny smidge shy of all the way to the inner post corner. Then you fold both sides under to make your L.

It feels odd at first if you're used to sewing lighter-weight clothing where you always have to edge or hem things -- not in upholstery. The corner won't tear out. Just slice and fold.

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Circuspeanut, that sure looks like the way to do it. I tried that corner with a scrap of fabric, and I think it's going to work. Maybe I should use a little Fray Check on those cut edges, just in case?

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Circus Peanut

You could, but the texture of the dried fluid might stand out more than you like? Experiment first and see how it looks. Most upholstery fabrics won't need it; they're made to resist fraying.

Happy cornering! Show us how it turns out --

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I'm excited about this project. It's going in my craft room, so it's going to be very, um, colorful...when it's done.

Our weather has been either too windy, too cold, or too humid to paint anything, so someday it will get finished. Oh, and I had to redo the new chair padding THREE times, because the seat cusion has to actually go under part of the chair frame at the back. The padding can't be taller than 1", not even by a little bit.

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The way circuspeanut displayed is correct...
just one thing after you make the cut (stopping
at the edge) pull your fabric STRAIGHT under tightly on both sides --
paying close attention to the thread of the fabric, in other words,
the fabric should be straight while pulling.

You got wrinkles in your fabric because you pulled
the fabric sideways. Remove the corner staples make
your cut and pull it straight down and staple.

Then give us another pic.

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Look! This is so much better!!! Thanks again!

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yeah, You've nailed it!

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