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coengApril 3, 2013

I had stucco applied to my foundation less than 2 years ago when I bought it (the parging was cracking so I wanted to make it look better).

Anyway, fast forward two years....I made some landscaping changes and as a consequence the soil level on one side of my house is lower than it used to be. Also, this particular side of the house is no longer obstructed by large shrubs allowing 100% access. I was surprised the guy was able to get the job done here at all because of the shrubs being in the way.

See pics below. It should be obvious what I want to correct.

Unfortunately the guy that did my stucco job is too backed up with other jobs to come out and do touchup work. So I took the liberty of obtaining all the materials I need to patch it up myself: a 5 gallon bucket of Parex pre-mixed color-matched stucco, 50 lb bag of basecoat, and fiberglass mesh scraps (that I got for free).

All I am looking for is some guidance here. My plan of attack is as follows:

1) Trench the soil to expose an area 6 inched wide by 6 inches deep. For safety I will avoid the utility pipes.

2) Chisel away old stucco as needed to make a smooth finish.

3) Prep area with a wire wheel using an angle grinder (if I can). to remove dirt and debris. Can't thing of better way to do this!

4) Mix small amount of base coat, spread thin coat 6 feet at a time with 4" spackling knife, gently apply mesh by applying pressure with spackling knife. Continue until all sections are meshed. Let dry over night.

5) Apply stucco as needed with ordinary smooth mortar float and even out as needed.

Does this sound about right?

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