How to keep grated potatoes white?

tomatobob_va7October 30, 2009

I have a recipe for hash brown potatoes that calls for peeling and grating them, then soaking them in cold water to release some starch, draining, then continuing the recipe.

If I leave the potatoes more than 20 minutes in the water, they turn pinkish-brown. Yet I'd like to do the soaking part of the prep ahead of time. Any ideas on something I could add to the water to keep them white?

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Just change the water or rinse the potatoes before cooking.

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Add a little lemon to the water....and don't soak them so long....5 minutes will just need to wash off the starch not soak it out.
Also some potatoes brown faster than others...I have kept peeled potatoes in water on the counter for 20 hours of so and they didn't brown...
But lemon helps!

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I usually use either vinegar or lemon juice. I peel potatoes ahead of time and keep them in the refrigerator for a day or two and they don't turn brown. As long as they are covered with the water mixture. Hope this helps.


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Also, if they have turned just slightly pinkish brown, they will whiten as they cook.

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I know a way. When we make the swedish dumplings, I make a tube of netting or tulle and grate the potatoes into the tube. I then soak the potatoes in the netting tube, in cold water. When you are ready to use the potatoes, squeeze out the extra liquid and dip back into the water to rinse and squeeze totally dry before using.


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Don't worry about it. Both potatoes and apples will whiten upon heating.

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Thanks, everyone! So nice to have a such a friendly bunch of helper/consultants. I'll try the lemon juice, AND cut down on the soaking. tomatobob

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I have always put them in salt water. Seems to keep the color from turning.


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I second the Salt Water. Works for me. Diana55

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That's my Sunday Morning breakfast!! My very favorite of all breakfasts! Hash Browns and Eggs.

I don't soak or even rinse the grated potatoes in cold water. Before grating the raw potato, I first grate some onion into the bowl. I then grate the potato right into the bowl on top the onion....mixing the two together as I go along with the grating. The onion keeps the potato fom turning pink/grey. And, my hash browns turn out with a crispy crust. It may take a couple of seconds extra in browning to make the bit of liquid from the onion dissipate. My favorite seasoning for the hash browns is an Adobe mix.

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