Exterior Painting in progress - might need to change sheen

sweetbabyjames5April 5, 2012

Hey paint experts - we finally decided on SW Duration in satin for our wood siding. The first coat went on yesterday and boy is it much shinier than we imagined. The imperfections in our siding are pretty obvious. We are have two options:

1. Have the painters finish the project with the satin paint since it's already purchased

2. Buy new paint in flat so there isn't a glare and our imperfections don't stand out as much.

I can live with the shine of the satin *if* it will lessen over time. A couple of my friends used a satin on their brick exteriors and their paint really does look flat now. But, will that happen with wood siding???

All of my research, including the question I posed here, seems to point to using satin over flat. Now my question is -- will the shine lessen over time?


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Sophie Wheeler

Yes, it will lessen somewhat, but if your siding prep isn't smooth, it will always show the imperfections. Flat would be a better choice for you over the long run. Or have better prep done before the final coat goes on. That would be the best solution.

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I live in the historic district of my small city and walk around almost every day. As you can imagine, there are lots of imperfections in wood that is 100+ years old, but if the paint is solid and not peeling or missing, you don't pay much attention to the imperfections. You are noticing them now, but when the job is done, they aren't going to stand out as much as they do now. Just my opinion.

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Graywings - you're right!!! The job is nearing completion and we couldn't be happier with the new colors. That alone causes me to look less at the sheen/imperfections. It is such an improvement over what was there when we bought the house last summer.

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