Thoughts on BM satin impervo waterborne

weezkreegzApril 19, 2010

I tried using BM satin impervo waterborne on 6 panel doors. Turned out horrible...I wouldn't even want to hang them back on the jams, they're so bad. Brush strokes, sticky looking etc.

I heard so many great things about this paint, but as a non prof - but good DIY'er...I find it really difficult to use. This stuff ain't cheap either and now, I have to go and buy regular paint since I can't manage this impervo.

Thoughts on this paint?....Do I need floetrol (?) or something. I know there's an art to using - any tips.

Thanks in advance :)

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I bought both the water based and oil based in the same color, based on what was said on this forum about BM Impervo. Thought I'd use the oil on the cabs, since they get the most use and try the water on the trim. Love how the oil went on- no brush strokes, looks gorgeous- very hard finish 2 weeks out. I sprayed on, then brushed over on the ceiling beadboard- can't even see marks. Sprayed on the cabs.

Now you've got me concerned about using the water based since I haven't yet painted the trim. Think I will reconsider it now. I know it's expensive but the oil base is great paint. I'd talk with the experts at BM and see what they say. They've been very helpful in my situation.
Good Luck!

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I'm sure it's just me. I heard you have to work fast with this paint. But everyone who's used it said the results were fantastic.

I'd be curious to know how your experience turns out....and any tips you have :)
I haven't used the oil, so I don't have anything to compare it to. good luck

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I haven't used Satin Impervo Waterborne for some time, but when I did, it seemed to go on like any premium acrylic brand of paint. It dries fast and you will struggle with fast drying paint when you are painting doors. Sure, use a conditioner as that will help it to dry slower. When you paint a door, you have to do it in sections and you have to make a plan. When you paint a section, you cannot go back into that section with your brush after 30 seconds. What I usually do is paint all panels first and when I paint a panel, I do not get any paint outside of that panel. If I am painting several doors at once, I may even paint all the panels on all the doors first and then come back and hit the flats.....horizontal areas first and then the left and right sides. Also, you have to put the paint on heavy...the only way for a paint to dry with a minimal amount of brushmarks is if the paint can settle down into itself as it dries. I'm not saying to put it on so heavy so that it sags of want to find that perfect medium in between too heavy and too light and this takes practice.

All that said, a lot of pros these days have just accepted that the modern day paints dry too fast to be brushed, so we just roll them. It's what I do. If you are using a self levelling paint, you can almost get a rolled door to dry with very little stipple from the roller. I use a small 4" roller, 3/8" nap that fits inside all of the panels. Other guys will roll and then backbrush...this way, the roller is just being used as a tool to get the paint on faster. Brushing a door, you will waste a lot of time actually travelling your brush to and from the can to get dips of paint. Using the roller helps to simply apply the paint much quicker. After it is rolled, you can choose to backbrush or not which is really just a matter of personal preference. Some people just don't like any stipple from the roller at all.

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thanks paintguy!!! Very helpful info

I'm thinking about just switching to BM Regal - instead of Satin Impervo. Would that make it easier for me (a nonpro)?? Would you agree that Impervo needs a bit more skilled hands to operate.


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stipple also comes from the way an application is being applied. I never get a stipple from the roller. It lays down just as smooth as a sprayed finish. I use both roller and then backbrush if needed in the corners or edgeline.

yes it will set up a little faster depends on your MOA , the condition of temp. in the room , air flow, type of brush or roller could help. The Regal is also acrylic so the set up is going to be about the same IMO. Try adding just a small amount of extender to the impervo you have left. This may indeed make a difference for you. BM satin impervo is my go to paint. I really like using it and SW-proclassic. The end results are really worth it. Maybe you might view how some 6 panel doors are painted . This could help you also; then again you might have already done this. Could you give us a little detail of how you did your work? I know you can do it. You said you were a good diy'er and I believe it. I have met a lot of customers over the years who are very good diy'er's. Better paint jobs than some which call themselves *professionals* in the field. And yes, a 6 panel door would take a little more time and a little more tedious than say a straight cut door or just half panels. I'm sure you can do it.

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I don't know that I would say that applying Impervo requires more skill than applying Regal. I have tried to paint trim with Regal Semi-Gloss and will never try that's like painting with wet chalk. I like to think of Impervo as more of a trim paint and Regal as a wall paint.

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thanks everyone. Maybe I just need to practice a bit more. Just seems weird that I never had this issue with other paint.

Appreciate your feedback. I'll keep you posted on how I do.

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I painted several cabinets with Impervo and I love it. I beleive in two thin coats, I doubt this stuff would go on well if you want to do a thick coat.

I thinned mine with flotrel. I have not tried using it without that.

I have painted trim with many other brands of paints (30 year DIY'er) and like this better than anything else I've used for trim/cabinets.

BTW- make sure you have good brushes, I've found the proper brush covers about half the problems. I use very little paint on the brush. I usually dip it in and then touch it to the piece in 3 -4 places to distrubut the paint and get some off the brush, then I go and blend it in, always brushing from dry to wet and moving down a few inches at a time. I know my coats are thin, but two provided a very nice finish.

Here are some of the things I've painted with Impervo this spring

The bad part about going with Impervo for the bathroom cabinets is the white I picked out is slightly different than what was used in this room before so now I have all there rest of the trim (including one window and 6 panel door) to repaint.

These are old stained oak cabinets from the kitchen.

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I am using it on our trim and we think it looks great. Really flows out nice, if there is anything better out there I would like to know about it.

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Regal is very difficult to use on trim unless you use an extender and it still is not easy.

I used Impervo oil based on some other trim and that went on very easy.

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Okay thanks. I think it must just be me!!! ;)

I will add extender and let you know how it works out. Thanks for the tips.

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