Advice on painting wrought iron furniture?

randitaApril 27, 2011

I have a wrought iron bench that hasn't been painted in about 10 years and needs a fresh coat of paint. I didn't do the original painting, so need advice on the best procedure.

The paint has faded but is not peeling. It's presently a deep blue but I want to change that to black. Should I prime it?

I don't have a good place to spray it, so need to use a brush.

It has a lot of open work and I'm worried about paint dripping through and the droplets drying.

Do I turn it upside down and paint the bottom first? Paint in sections?

Thanks for your advice.

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Sorry...but it needs to be sprayed!

Make a little "Paint-booth" by using hanging light plastic sheets. Use a breathing-mask too!!
Cut-out a couple side windows, and use something like cardboard for a "floor".

Hose-off dirt, etc. with a good blast of water, after a good cleaning with some soapy solution.
* Feather-sand any objectionable rust/other edges.
* Get a couple sanding sponges in about 100-grit, and evenly scuff-sand the wear, back, and armrests.
* Remove all this dust, rinse again & let dry!!
* I'd consider HANGING the piece from a garage rafter!! You'll need help here of course! Then, make your "booth" around this...
* If it's heavier, try to hang it near a side-wall.
* This way, painting it all is a snap!!
* I'd do 2 or 3 lighter/med. coats to eliminate runs. Plus...this way it dries faster & more evenly!!

Buy some good spray-paint....maybe 3 to 4 cans.
Use at least a Satin sheen. Slight preference to S/Gloss or Gloss.
Get a good "Spray-grip" handle too!

NOW you'll get great results/durability!


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Sounds easy once it's all set up, but setting up will be tricky. Don't have rafters in the garage - the ceiling is finished. Hmmm. Maybe I can rig some ladders up with two by fours in the high rungs and hang it from those. Have to figure out how to make the plastic tent.

Thanks for the advice!

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