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hayley1999_99April 5, 2011

okay I want to take my 12X13 sitting room (5 doorways, 1 double wide window, 1 elongated window, + 1 fireplace with wide chimney) and do a gradiation of color.

If I take 1 gallon of paint and want to figure out how much per 4 paint cans (you can buy them empty) how do I figure this out...

The bottom will be 100% creamy yellow.

The second layer will be 75% yellow 25% white mixture. Third layer 50% yellow 50% white mixture.

Fourth layer at the top 25% yellow 75% white mixture.

So if a gallon has 128oz how do I figure the math for this?

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I guess I should explain I'm doing 4 rows of color. The bottom being the most creamy yellow and working on lighter as I go up.

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For the yellow, to divide 128 ounces of paint into four buckets, add up the percentages: 100 + 75 + 50 + 25 to get 250 and divide that by the amount of paint, 128 oz. and you get 0.5 oz as your multiplier. So multiple 0.5 by the percentage in each can:

Going from bottom to top in yellow:
1. 100 x .5 = 50 oz
2. 75 x .5 = 37.5 oz
3. 50 x .5 = 25 oz
4. 25 x .5 = 12.5 oz

Going from bottom to top in white, fill each can to 50 oz:

  1. zero white paint
    2. 12.5 oz
    3. 25 oz
    4. 37.5 oz
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thank you, I wonder why it doesn't add up to 128oz. When I add it, it comes to 125oz.

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When I divided 128 by 250, I rounded the number to 0.5 oz. You can redo the math with more precision and properly allot the extra 3 ounces of yellow paint to the four buckets.

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