Caulk or wood filler for for hardware screw holes in cabinets

tuesday_2008April 3, 2011

Not sure whether to post here or on woodworking, so here goes:

I have old birch plywood cabinets that I want to paint soon. They originally had the old copper colored curved hardware handles placed at an angle. I replaced them several years ago and because of the original holes, I had to angle the replacements.

I will be painting my cabinets and will probably use a single ORB knob on the doors and cup style on the drawers. I am going to end up with two holes per door to be filled before painting. SHould I use caulk or wood filler?? I am thinking it would be best to use the wood filler because of the potential "shrinking" of caulk.

Which would you folks recommend??


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Wood filler for sure. Caulk is not meant to be used for filling any sized hole. It is meant for gaps only. Not only does it shrink, but it will also remain soft forever.

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What about that Groov caulk?
It says the properties of both silicone & latex, plus it's paintable.

I'm referring to the shrinking part, not the soft part.

I am about to caulk some cabinets...


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For HOLE-filling....NO caulking of ANY type!!!
....for ANY reason on Cabinets.

As PG said, it's ONLY for linear gaps.


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