Brief rant about egotistical fathers

mariealwaysJune 22, 2009

DD10's father has not spoken to her in over 3 months and as usual he is behind on his child support. Three months ago, he called her after not speaking to her for another 3 or so months to inquire as to why she didn't want to come visit for the summer (this has become the typical 3 month or four month calling cycle). Well, understandably, yesterday DD did not want to call her father for father's day. And I was not going to force her to do so. When we asked her whether she would call, she said no. And when we asked her why, she said "Why should I? He doesn't call me on childrens' day." (you can't make this stuff up, lol). According to her, childrens' day is all the time, but at least once a month. Ex now has the audacity to be upset that she didn't call him for fathers' day. Unbelievable! DD says he sent her an email asking her how she's been and how's her summer going. Why do men who are not fathers, but only sperm donors, think they are entitled to be acknowledged on fathers' day?!! It really blows my mind, even after seeing it all the time!!! OK, rant over.

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so sorry for your DD, what a moron. she figured it out, good for her, smart girl. he didn't call and din't see her over 3 months and expects something from her. "nice" guy....

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