Wood bleach - is that the product I need?

SadieVApril 2, 2012

We recently replaced all our old oak trim and doors (a medium to dark stain color) with birch in a lighter stain. Our entry door is fir -- and was just replaced a few years ago so we don't want to replace it again. I stripped the old finish off and am down to bare wood, but the wood itself is more red than the birch. Is there something I can do to the wood before applying the stain to get it to match to the birch better? I was reading about the two part wood bleach actually being able to lighten up the tone in the grain of the wood --- is that the product I should use? Any other recommendations?

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If you don't get your answer here, try the Woodworking forum. Start by doing a search of the Woodworking forum with "wood bleach" because I know it has been discussed there.

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I don't have much experience with wood bleach, but I don't think you can make wood too much lighter than its natural color. Your best option is just to clear coat it I think.

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The two-part wood bleach kit will make the fir more pale.

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Matching fir to birch could be tough. Wood bleach will probably change to end result but still not deliver a match. Finish it clear and let it be a different color as it is, well, different.

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