phoggieJune 30, 2008

I don't think you really want to move on....or you wouldn't just keep this "soga" going and going. Every time I open this forum, your post is at the top. If you want to really move on, get something else in your life to occupy your time. Rehashing it all the time only keeps it alive in your mind and you are dwelling on it far too much...IMHO

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People have to STOP responding to her posts....
ignoring them is the only way to stop them.

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Oh, no. If you read that thread you'd know you have no business blasting pinkpeonies for the "saga." It got hi-jacked by a bunch of nonsense, went way off into the ditch, and she didn't have anything to do with it. What you see over there now, with the mud throwing, is NOT what her original post was about. She didn't even post anymore once it was hi-jacked.

I was thinking of posting to tell miss pink that I hope she is still around and wasn't completely turned off by what happened to her post. It was nasty what happened to her post, and nastier to flame her like this for something she did not do.

I just can't say enough to defend pink and make sure you know you are wrong to say this to/about her. She is innocent!

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Agreed with stephanie in ga -- if you read pinkpeonies' thread carefully, you will see it was hijacked by anniebal/becky (the same person posting under different ID's apparently).

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I haven't posted in that for weeks.

I still haven't had the time to figure out what went on in there! Kind of crazy.

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I didn't get to read them all....but it is too bad for the "hi-jacking"...they (anniebal/becky) should have started their own post and I am sorry to pink if I offended you in any way.....and hope that you have indeed been able to move on in your life.

Let's just not respond anymore to the original post and maybe the hi-jackers will drop their own battle.

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Anniebal/becky is not guilty of posting under the other names that have multiple ids that also have posted in that thread.

The situation is not going to improve if you accuse people of doing things that they have not done.

There is more than one person who has used multiple ids. Long before anniebal/becky did that.

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amomymous -- with all due respect -- I did not accuse anyone of doing things they have not done. anniebal admitted in that thread she had posted using a different ID -- I merely restated that fact. I'm aware other posters have done the same, and may have also posted in that thread -- however, they did not actually hijack that thread. It all started with becky (aka anniebal) -- she was the one who took the thread off-topic, and kept posting and posting -- and that is hijacking. Those are the facts.

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Thank you for your response. I felt that there was an implication in your comment that it was only anniebal. I stand corrected that you were not saying that and I apologize for the misunderstanding.

There is no doubt that others have done the same in that thread and have been doing it for some time in several threads. One of those others has contributed to the recent hostilities in the threads on estrangement by fanning the flames. Then when someone like anniebal has a meltdown in response, they stand back and watch the fire while hardly anyone takes them to task. I am going to call them "thread arsonists."

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