Has anyone had this experience? (Silly...)

Kitchens by DesignJune 5, 2006


I have a 17-year old daughter who buys most of her clothes at American Eagle, Holliter, and Abercrombie. My (silly) problem... these clothes are constantly damaged in my washer. I use nothing but Tide, wash in warm, rinse in cold. I don't even own chlorine bleach. However, inevitably, these particular clothes come out looking like parts were bleached. They are blotchy. Not completely white, but definately there are large lighter spots. This happens to no other clothing and have two other children. It is upsetting to her, because she pays for everything herself. Is it the dyes? Something in my water?


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Those clothes (my daughter favors the very same brands) are made from the thinnest cotton and are distressed as part of the fashion making then rather delicate to begin with. I think Tide might be your problem. I use a cheap brand of liquid laundry detergent. Purex or similar, nothing fancy or heavy duty. Maybe the concentrated powder is sitting on the clothing before it all gets mixed in? I also wash in cold water and line dry all this stuff except the jeans. I know Tide is great because it cleans the bejeezus out of everything without having to spot treat, it may also be more detergent than you need if your family doesn't get all that dirty (change the oil, slide around in grass, ride horses, etc.)

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Are you putting the Tide in the water first? Or are you throwing the clothes in, dumping in the soap, and then running the water. Soap sitting on clothes can bleach them out in spots.

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I was going to say what adellabedella said, make sure you pour in the soap first. I have done the same thing to my clothes by pouring the soap directly onto my clothes before.

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Abrecrombie and American Eagle as well as other "high end" stores catering to young people have a line they call "Destroyed". The clothes are meant to look like that. Pre worn....sligtly tattered, a little abraded at the edges. They are made that way....it's nothing you are doing and has nothing to do with when you are putting the Tide into your washer....
Believe it or not....that's high style.
Linda C

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Kitchens by Design

The plumber was at the house this morning. He is installing a water filter-I have a lot of iron and sediment. Not sure if this is "bleaching" the clothes, but hopefully it will help. Thanks to all who responded. I will make sure I add the soap before the clothes. Sometimes I do, but not always.

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Tide is a very good detergent, but sometimes it's too good IMHO. Could the powerful cleaning power of Tide be fading the clothes? I would try a milder detergent and see if that helps.

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I like Tide with bleach powder. I always dissolve the detergent in the water first,then add the clothes. I also noticed my kids jeans and dark clothing were looking rather worn out. I found a liquid product called Woolite dark,which I now use for jeans and dark clothes.

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This happened to us too! I couldn't figure out why is was happening to only HIS clothes and not ours. I finally figured out that it was the clearasil/acne medicine that my son uses. Perfumes can do this too. One friend of mine actually returned her washing machine and bought a new one before she figured out that it was the skin medicine. Does your daughter use anything that is unique to her that could be being transferred to her clothes?

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My son bleached a big old spot on my NEW sofa from taking a nap... his acne meds did it! It was this perfect face profile blotch!


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I have the same problem for 3 years now, I moved and bought a brand new W/D and still the same problem. I don't have any Bleach in the House. Always on my collar area and my Under wears (boxers) and the Towels. Pillow cases are not a problem just my clothes. its very frustrating, I buy a brand new shirt and wash it once and the Collar is bleached.
and its with beige and light blue colored shirts.
Oh I have a front loader so I can't fill up with soap and water first.
I used to use Tide and switched to All.
might go down again in my soap.
and I know its not acne medicine cus I don't use any my facial soap has some but I don't use it in any private areas so My boxers should not bleach.

A friend thinks it's something me and my wife is eating and its probably coming out of our pours and having a chemical reaction.

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I always wash my clothes inside out, so if this happens, it's not quite as noticable. Towels however, are another matter. Nearly all my colored towels look like they have been tie-dyed.

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Try a very mild liquid detergent like "Sport Wash" or liquid "Charlie's Soap" (available online) for your daughter's clothes. Wash only in cold or perhaps warm water and double rinse. Dry on low and remove prior to clothes being completely dry. Even though they cost a lot, these "high end" clothes seem not to be made very well or of high quality fabrics. You almost have to treat them all as "Delicates" even if they are made of denim or other "sturdy" fabric. If you have a top-loader be sure to use the Delicate cycle also. Good luck.

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I have this problem when I spot treat my son's clothing before washing. I use All liguid for front loaders and evrey time it leaves the spot faded. I think it is just too strong. Since he is a boy and in Kindergarten I figure it is no biggy to send him to class with a small stain on a cute shirt. If it was my dd the shirt would be saved for home when she is gardening or something.

I think it is the soap.

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