Double Oven - Speed + Traditional

nyc_sportFebruary 14, 2013

In the planning stages for new kitchen. I thought I had routinely saw Miele and others with a double oven set up where one was a speed oven, and the other a traditional convection oven. I only see 24" speed ovens on the Miele website. Was I dreaming when I saw the double oven set up or was this only in a (too narrow for me) 27" regular oven and 24" speed oven + fillers? Looks like GE Monogram might have a 30" double oven/speed oven.

The gist of this is that we want two ovens, but don't need both to be full size and would prefer not to have a separate microwave (which we rarely use), and we have a speed oven in our weekend house and have come to love the versatility.

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FYI, appliance questions generally get more responses when posted on the Appliances forum here.

A lot of specialty built-in ovens like microwaves, speed ovens, and steam ovens are 24". Makers generally supply matching trim kits to make them look right above a 30" conventional wall oven. You can get a trim kit to make a Miele speed oven look right over a Miele 30" wall oven.

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peter is right on both counts

that being said, we have miele speed oven over wolf "e" oven and did not buy trim kit., which was pricey.
we had the cabs made specifically for the size of each oven.

i love the look since i am not a fan of SS.
also, i am not a matchy matchy person, so it does not bother me that oven are not the same make.

if you would like a pic, email me.

i would post in appliance forum and u should get more responses.

good luck

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Thanks to both of you and I will re-post in the appliances forum

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I would love pix if anyone can provide. Thanks

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I have the GE monogram 240 speed oven and wolf e series oven.
Here is a link as I am on the road(and DH is home alone :-(

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We have the Miele speed oven/MW and traditional 30" below. We did use a trim kit. I can't say enough about how well this set up is working for me. We use the speed oven probably 75% of the time. Today and tomorrow I'll be preparing for a family party of about 65 and both ovens will be in full use. Here's a pic from a couple of years ago when we were just finishing. Pretty much still looks that way cause we haven't yet finished up all the touches.

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I have the Advantium 240+ Electrolux Icon 30"

this isn't a great pic, but it's what I have available right now. The advantium was on in the pic..

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