painting after Gardz steps

bwspotApril 12, 2012

I had damaged drywall, so I piled off the damaged face paper, sanded it and applied Gardz to damaged areas only.

Then I put the Sheetrock all purpose compound to fix damaged areas. I sanded it again, and put the 3rd coat of the all purpose compound. Now, I want to know if my next steps are correct:

1. Apply Gardz again over all purpose compound and to remaining wall surface. So basically Gardz everything. Should I Gardz the ceiling also?

2. Paint

Do i need any primer or will Gardz server as primer

I will paint the walls according to:

and it is in the bathroom


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Welcome Bwspot!

1) Yes, Gardz can be the "everything"/all-surface primer, just b4 finish paint!
1a) Ceiling- Yes, ceiling can be "Gardz'd" too. It's especially helpful for "binding-down" loose popcorn that hasn't or wasn't roll-painted after application...IF you're keeping any popcorn that is!!
* Crappy "regular" ceilings (non-popcorn) with a cheap flat paint can be stabilized with Gardz, just prior to the finish coat(s) too.

2) Gardz serves as the primer b4 your paint. That's a neat Fresco look! Gardz will serve fine in your bath.
* What will the sheen be of your final paint layers...since it's a bath????

Since Gardz is CLEAR, it won't help COLOR-wise under deep/vivid colors like Wines, Navies, etc. These kinda tones need the help of (usually Gray) tinted primers.
* If you were doing a Burgundy on a damaged wall, I'd use BOTH primers!!!
* Gardz FIRST to stabilize the ragged sheetrock.
* Do all repairs/texturing next.
* Then "regular" prime with Gray.
* Lastly...the final Burgundy coats!!


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Hello, i personally like flat paints.

I was thinking about using:;tab=2

but the page that has instructions for that fresco paint has:
Regal� Pearl Finish, Cloud White (OC-130)
Regal Eggshell Finish, Barely Beige (1066)
Regal Eggshell Finish, Roxbury Caramel (HC-42)
Studio Finishes� Latex Glaze 405

so it is eggshell finish there recommended
but that first i linked looks like it is designed for bathrooms, so i might ask them at the store?
What do you think?

So you think those colors are ok with gardz as primer?
The wall needs to be painted white first according to the guide.

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