Faron: Frog Tape/Boat Paint experiment

magothyrivergirlApril 25, 2008

Frog Tape Failed! The Paint was Interlux Micron Extra, an anti fouling paint used on the bottom of boat hulls. I experimented on a primed shelf board - purchased primed- and the Frog Tape allowed the paint to bleed worse than the Ace Brand Blue painters tape that I actually hate for regular painting. Too bad, I was hoping it would be a miracle tape making painting the boat bottom just a tad easier. My experiment was with the board laying horizontal, so I suspect it would bleed worse on a curved vertical slick fiberglass surface.

I haven't used the Frog tape for normal painting, as it has been designed to be used, but I am using it on a staining project - I will let you know that outcome when I finish.

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I wonder if it's because of some ingredient in the that paint?! At least for "traditional" paint, we haven't had a complaint yet...

The staining project:
* Not sure if ANY tape will work very good for staining.
* Since stains are SO thin, and because they absorb "into" woods (& therefore have kind of a "creep-under behaviour), I'm not sure it's a "fair" test?!

Let us know though!!


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I agree the "Stain Test" isn't fair. I am staining / finishing a wet bar using Waterlox (as recommended on the Woodworking Forum )& the part I "frogged" was Wood trim edge against ceramic - the tape being on the ceramic. So, it's just a fun experiment.
I was really disappointed it didn't work on the boat. I also wanted to repaint the Boot stripe - which is the decorative colored stripe above the waterline - the antifouling bottom paint is below the waterline. It must be perfect! I have painted it once before and if the frog tape worked it would have been such a help. Maybe I'll conduct another experiment since it is a different formula.
The Frog tape chemist should consider perfecting the tape for the marine industry - we boaters always pay more for products that are sold in the boat stores, because anything that says marine / boat on it costs more just 'cuz.
I got my locally owned TruValue to carry the Frog Tape - so I hope it sells for them!
Thanks for your recommendation.

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Magothy River girl, you must be a sailor. I have painted my boot stripe several times with urethane boot stripe paint. Most tapes have some bleed through. 3M fineline tape works well but is expensive. Lat year at the recommendation of a boat painter, I used 3M Super 33 electrical tape for the edge and then blue masking tape over it. It worked great with no bleed through and a super sharp edge. The electrical tape stretched around the curves quite nicely and best of all, a roll of the tape was about $7 Make sure you get the high end 3M tape, regular electrical tape doesn't cut it.

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3 experiences with frog tape pulling up now or having jagged edges. So I should have had my head examined when I thought I would try this tape. Should have known there is no replacement for 3m delicate tape. Won't use it again on a customer job. To risky

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terrence- yes - we sail- on the Chesapeake Bay & Magothy River. the tip about the electrical tape sounds like a good one - Thank you! I wish I had read it last week - I taped the stern for the bottom paint & the "stretch" would have helped - If it doesn't stopped raining I won't be doing the boot stripe this year. I think 3M makes the best tape - I will use your tip!!!

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Good luck with your sailing. Still working to get my boat in on Lake Erie this weekend. Thankfully we can paint our hulls with VC17 which is incredibly easy. I'm thinking about stripping the boot stripe off this year because last year's boot strip paint job has a little too much orange peel( probably too cold when I did it). Guess I won't be masking with Frog tape.

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I've had a great experience with Frog Tape thus far (on interior walls and trim). Up until a couple of months ago, I had been using 3M delicate surfaces (60 day removal) tape exclusively. The paint bleed has diminished significantly.

I don't leave the tape on the wall for very long- removing it immediately after the last coat. The Frog Tape does have a noticeably stronger adhesive that the 3M orange tape, so I probably wouldn't use it on fresh paint or other really delicate surfaces.

Here is a link that might be useful: My experience with different painter's tapes

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I found the frog tape to work just like 3M blue. If you don't know how to tape, then this tape isn't going to suddenly give you that knowledge. I understand that there is some goo that seals down the edge of the tape when moistened and I think that is a good concept, but still if you don't burnish down that edge where the bleed occurs, you are going to get bleed no matter what....maybe you will just get less with frog tape.

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The Frog Tape is designed to be used with latex paint because latex paing is water based. The ingredient that alows for a better edge seal reacts with water...like the commercial. Marine paints are more likely to be solvent based due to water exposure. Solvent wont activate the "ingredient". The ingredient gells with water (polar molecule) to for a barrier on the edge. I have not tried this but you might be able to activate the tape with a damp cloth first before painting with solvent based paints.

Here is a link that might be useful: http://frogtape.com/How%20FrogTape%20Works.aspx

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