Help my parents with exterior paint

threegracesApril 5, 2013

Morning, GWers. I'm usually in the kitchen forum but I could use some help over here. My parents moved into this mid-century colonial and want to dress up the exterior as it's rather square and blah. They have considered painting the door, or the trim around the door, or adding shutters. The door is currently painted charcoal. They don't want to change the paint color of the house or the color of the brick - just the area around the door, the door itself or adding shutters.

Any suggestions or even better, anyone that can mock up some ideas? Seeing a design would really help. There is a lot of landscaping that isn't present in this Minnesota July (haha) picture.

Thanks so much! They will really appreciate it!

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

no pic

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Weird - i used the upload feature (incorrectly, apparently). makes it hard to make suggestions, doesn't it? whoops!

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They certainly have the right idea - I would start with shutters on the upstairs windows on both ends and the downstairs windows. Not sure what do to with the middle upstairs window - I think shutters straight across on top would be too much..? The trim around the door and the door need paint - I agree. I would coordinate the shutter color with the door and trim - maybe just varying the shades a bit. Is the vinyl on the top yellow or cream?

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thanks, wolfpack. i would say it's yellow but a very pale yellow. any color suggestions for the door surround (not sure what to call it) and the shutters?

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I have a light yellow house myself. This is what I would do with your parents house - Upstairs - two end windows I would put white shutters on each side. Leave the middle window the way it is. I think shutters on all three upstairs windows would be too much. Downstairs - both of the windows I would put some type of white decorative trim/box type thing (I really don't know what they are called) across the top of each window. I would do the large trim piece around the front door white. For the front door, I would take a color out of the stone on the front of the house and paint it to match that. Google "what color shutters to put on a yellow house" I did that and there were a ton of images to look at!

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