Martha Stewart precious metals paint

nonnie45April 4, 2011

Hi all:I am looking to paint my kitchen walls with Martha Stewart metallic paint and my woodwork with a different color in the same family. I need to know if this paint is washable and if anyone has had any experience with it. As always, thank you.

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Hello: I want to paint my kitchen walls with Martha Stewart precious metals paint and my woodwork with same type of paint in a different color. I need to know if it is washable and if anyone has had any experience with this paint. Thank you.

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You might want to read this from the MS community forums

Here is a link that might be useful: MS forums

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Thank you. I may have to rethink my choices after reading the post on MS forums, but I wondering if she used a primer before painting. I know the shine will show up defects in the wall, but the walls are in pretty good shape. Thanks again.

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The silver paint is the worst thing I have ever purchased! 2 accent walls and I'm on gallon 3, $50 a pop! Lines from the roller everywhere. All my daughter's furniture in my living room for over a week now. Home depot says they have been given no instructions on how to apply, the cans instructions DON'T WORK! $4000 on a room remodel and the painter even gave up! We designed the whole room around silver walls and it looks like a cheap garage apartment! No one should ever waste their $ on this paint! I would of been better off painting it grey and blowing glitter on it! 2 teenagers in a living room with no end in sight was not what I was going for! If anyone has the secret to make this stuff cover I would be so greatfull! Email me Martha if you see this you might want to research a horrible product with your name on it!

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HORRIBE HORRIBLE PRODUCT!!! I now have a streaky battleship gray ceiling in my Shabby Chic kitchen INSTEAD OF PRECIOUS METAL SILVER.I have tried EVERYTHING to make this paint work, and it still looks like a 5 year old fngerpainted my ceiling.I am sooo mad for making a special trip and spending 50 dollars on a gallon of paint, that I can't use for ANYTHING!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Deedee stanke

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I used 2 different precious metals with great success. One was on an accent wall in a glass-walled room, the other in a small bathroom. Here are my tips for success:
1. Use extender. This slows down the dry time helping you avoid the streaking.
2. Use only long downward strokes. Other tips and videos on the web show rolling up and down and even in "V" strokes. Keep it very straight, steady, down only. First apply the paint, heavier than you usually would, then smooth with strokes that go all the way from the top to the bottom. I had 9' walls, so I used a step ladder and climbed down as the roller went down the wall. Move from left to right, overlapping the finish strokes to keep it as solid as possible. You will see some vertical "shadows" so keep your strokes and lines straight.
3. Use a small-nap roller. I don't think I used the Martha Stewart roller (the nap was too big and I wanted a smooth look). I found a small-nap roller for smooth paints. Don't use a foam roller, it puts bubbles in the paint. There are some high-density rollers that don't put so many bubbles, but they don't come in 9" lengths.

I just sold that house, and everyone who came to look at it loved that wall.

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