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SoniapApril 18, 2012

We have a large living/dining room which is very open ,which is seperated by two colums and a beam above long and narrow hallways. Which color paint would look good and is used in home staging . Our floors are oak harwood

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You want a neutral color that looks good in the room. That's about as specific as anyone can get with the information you have provided.

You could post a photo of the room on the Home Decorating forum and ask for suggestions. Or you could select a color that is very popular. Ben Moore compiles lists of its best sellers.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ben Moore fav colors

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Sabrina Soto is a home stager on HGTV. I find her list of favorite colors to be a good starting place.

Here is a link that might be useful: FAQ: Favorite Paint Colors

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This is hard without knowing what the furniture looks like or what color the hardwood floors are as oak can be stained many different ways.

If you're renting all the furniture, then you have more freedom, whereas if you already have a color scheme going on with your present room, you'll need to complement that.

When looking at paint sample cards, each will usually have 5 or 6 colors in the same family on a card. Home stagers usually go with the 2nd from the lightest color unless the room is very large, very tall, or bright, in which case you may be able to get away with the 3rd from lightest color.

Neutral colors work best but that doesn't mean the house has to look boring. Taupes, beiges, grays, light tans can lean towards feeling warm or feeling cool or in the middle. You can spice things up with pillows, accessories, and artwork.

Rooms with a lot of light can handle cooler tones whereas if you put a cool shade in a north facing room it may make the house feel cold and not so cheery. Warm tones on the other hand feel sunny and are great for these types of applications.

From the SW color visualizer I went in and looked at a collection they call Coastal Cool. Accessible Beige is very cool in tone whereas Lemon grass is a little warmer, and Wheatgrass warmer still. When putting up paint samples cover the largest section you can till you use up all the paint.

Curio gray is a little darker but it's a great way to pull in gray tones and not have the room feel cold. It would be spectacular in a very large room or one with 2 story ceilings, furniture and drapes in shades of white or linen, chrome and black accents, and any additional pop of color you like. In a bedroom this color would feel cozy but could make a small room appear smaller.

Here is a link that might be useful: SW color visualizer

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IF you're selling(?)-

I take the OPPOSITE tack here, for good reason.

The "painting-to-sell" philosophy should be retired, IMO!

2 reasons:
1) People usually do a crap job anyway, creating ever MORE potential issues for new owners. Especially if problem-walls or wallpaper are involved.

2) Most new owners will probably repaint anyway. Their tastes are rarely the same as the sellers...

Knowing what I know now, after 12 years in a busy/upscale Paint/decorating/hdwr store...
>>> I'd be pissed if I had to UNDO a crappy prep/paintjob, in order to do it the RIGHT way.

Just my .02!

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