Painting Ceiling Tiles

PinesEverywhereApril 29, 2013

Hey Painters --

I'm going to start a redo of a Living Room and I've started to investigate my Ceiling tiles which appear to be GLUED to the drywall -- these won't budge as I've tried to loosen one by hand.

I may just take a crowbar to one after I test it for Asbestos. Anyway, my questions are:

- Can these be painted with a real knappy roller?
- Should I seal them first with Gardz or StainKills Max?

Look how discolored they are -- Yuk. Thanks for any help.

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They can be painted ... seal them with something meant to seal in smoke stains and then paint them with whatever.

If you are OK with losing a couple of inches of height, later you acn screw in furring strips and get a drywall over it.

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Thanks LazyGardens --

Appreciate the help. I can afford to lose some height, I may just investigate the drywall option. I've got too holes like the one shown where old speakers were. I need to cover those anyway and they are NOT sized right or spaced right for my lighting plan.

If I can get the drywall done afford-ably -- I may go that route.


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