Canon Eos Rebel T4i 650 D

JeanInWaMarch 30, 2013

We in last new cameras and would like to get advice on where to go for online camera classes. We will be using them mainly for video but also some stills, and would like to be able to learn, understand and use all the bells and whistles. Anyone here have good luck with an online class? Thanks

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Jean, I purchased a Canon EOS 60D just before I went on vacation in mid-Feb. Wish I had had time to take courses before I left but didn't. I pretty much learned it on the fly while traveling.

Now that I'm home and have some free time, I've been watching a lot of Canon specific videos on YouTube. Canon even has their own YouTube channel. I also do a search on YouTube for the specific thing I would like to learn like Bokeh or blurred background techniques, using filters, shooting in low light levels, etc.

Below are some sites I've booked marked.

Cool DSLR camera setting simulator:


Here is a link that might be useful: Canon on YouTube

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Toni S

I bought a T2i a few years ago at a camera shop . They offered classes if people bought their cameras.
Don't know if you have that option but I learned quite a bit. Still wish I knew more about the settings and how to adjust them quickly.
here is a school you might like.

Here is a link that might be useful: DPS

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That's a neat camera simulator, Jodi. I'm curious about the lighting adjustment at top left. Is that the equivalent of setting the white balance? Back when I got my first camera (at age 10), my dad taught me about shutter speed and aperture, and I had to learn to estimate settings because I didn't carry a light meter. Focus, speed, and aperture were the only controls. But I got good results most of the time.

Oh, and film ASA varied, of course. These days it's called ISO.

Jean, I don't know anything about classes, but Jodi's links are probably excellent. If you want something to do between lessons, I recommend hanging out at the DPReview forum that covers your camera:

I think this is the one. If not, go up to Forums at the top and look for a better one.

I continue to learn a lot on these forums--about lenses, printing, software, and technical stuff--plus there are many inspiring images to view.

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Alisande, I think the lighting is actually the exposure setting of "EV". If you set the simulator to Manual, you'll see the EV right under the photo change as you set the lighting.

Jean, I subscribe to the DPS that Toni suggested. I get weekly tips sent to my email address. I've also submitted photos for the weekly assignments.


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JeanInWa all are AWESOME! TY! We took the cameras out today and played with them...I got a couple of "decent" shots if I do say so myself. There are many buskers, and I was impressed that this young man was out even tho he had to use a string as a guitar strap. LoL I've never taken any photography classes, it's all been by the seat of my pants, and this is the first DSLR I've ever had. I'm eager to learn what I can, and you have just turned me on to some great sites. I can't thank you enough!

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