Can Montessori be a bad fit for some kids?

maisybJune 2, 2005


My normally outgoing and happy 3 year old really doesn't appear to like her Montessori preschool. She often says she doesn't want to go and has several times been very whiny after school. The teacher says she often has a hard time focusing on the lesson and can disrupt group. This is much different from what I see at home, how she acts at Sunday school, and how she is for basically everybody but her teacher at school. She has no problem focusing at home...for example, she can put together a 50 piece puzzle in one sitting with no problem. I know its possible that she just doesn't like the teacher, or some of the kids, but I am also wondering if the Montessori method can be a bad fit for some kids. The teacher indicated that she gets frustrated when told to stop her work, or when she is told she can't work with other kids on a particular task. It seems to me that if she really doesn't want to go to school and the teaching method is potentially the issue, then we could be doing her more harm than good by sticking with it. Any thoughts? I have several friends whose kids LOVE their preschool and that is how I feel it should be...that is why I am worried. Thanks!

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Yes it can be a bad fit for some kids...looks like it is for your daughter. She is only 3 and if she doesn't like it, forcing her to go will only cause her more harm. I would be frustrated if I was told to stop something I was really having fun doing, for a 3 year old they can't even comprehend why to stop.

Your daughter will benefit by being at home with you. At her age she learns by play. If you are worried about playmates have a playday once a week. Most importantly is to play with her, cook together, shop together, visit the park, the zoo, take a walk together and take time to talk and observe things, look at stars together, play in the mud, make play dough, read together, sing together, dance and be silly. She will thrive and do so much better if able to be free. Also don't look at things as educational or not, learning happens everywhere and if she has an interest in something she is learning. Most people don't realize all the connections children make everyday. I have found with my own children when they have a desire or interest in something they truly learn and that is real learning. Just have fun together, connect and learning will happen naturally.

Best wishes!

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