Paint selection for exterior aluminum clad windows

davefrApril 15, 2008


I have some Kolbe Kolbe aluminum clad/wood core casement windows that had the factory bronze finish over the aluminum cladding. Over the years this finish has faded and weathered.

I want to select a paint that:

1. Can be tinted to match the factory bronze color

2. Will stick to this surface without priming. (I plan to clean and lightly sand the cladding)

3. Will level out well using a sash brush.

I'm thinking of SW Satin Duration however I've used it before and it just doesn't level out that well and leaves brush marks.

Does anyone have a recommendation on a high end acrylic paint that will fit this application. I'd like as close to the smooth factory finish as possible but prefer to brush vs. spray.

Are there any paints similar to Duration that have better leveling characteristics?

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You have a couple of things to consider. Why no prime? Anodized aluminum is not that easy to stick to. Suggest a bonder coat with a premium primer/bonder. Try UMA. Getting a metallic bronze topcoat for an exterior application will be tough. Best bet is to use a flow additive like Latex Xtender or Floetrol to smooth out the brush strokes with a top of the line SW or BM product. Good luck in find a bronze exterior paint in a latex.

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Thanks. Today at lunch I stopped at a BM dealer and he suggested a product called IronClad Latex Low Luster Metal and Wood enamel. It's self priming, flows/levels well and the best part is that it comes from the factory in a premixed dark bronze that matches my windows perfectly.

He told me that factory mixed colors are much more fade resistant then store mixed colors due to the pigments used. I think I heard that once before.

I'll report back my results but it seams like the perfect product for what I want to do.

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